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Planning A Research Paper

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Planning a Research Paper
The questions below will help you plan your research paper. You may have already answered some of them in your Student Guide, so refer to your Student Guide, if you wish.
Remember: You need to complete the assignment by the due date to receive full credit.
(15 points)

1. Write the thesis statement of your research paper. Be sure to write it in one or two complete sentences.

Answer: Slavery first took place in North America, 1619 at a British colony of Jamestown Virginia. This caused slavery to spread throughout all of the American colonies.

(70 points)

2. Write a formal outline for your research paper. Include topics, subtopics, and details so that ...view middle of the document...

2. Slavery came in many different races and time periods.
a. The Irish were sold as slaves before African; they were just labeled as “Indentured servants” instead of slaves.

IV. Main Topic 3
C. Who finally put an end to slavery?
1. President Abraham Lincoln was the one who finally abolished slavery.
a. The 13th amendment finally putting an end to the institution of slavery officially passed through congress.
2. Many people believed the emancipation proclamation was the reason slavery was abolished
a. which was partly true but passing the 13th amendment meant that most of the country no longer wanted slavery in their nation.
V. Conclusion
D. Were African slaves the real start of slavery?
1. Africans were not the first slaves in America, but they were the most popular. This made slavery populate throughout different colonies.
a. There was more than one race of slaves, Africans were not the only slaves in America they were just the only ones known as slaves, as the other race of slaves were called something else.

(15 points)

3. List three or more sources that you are using for your research paper. At least one should be a...

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