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Planning And Ethics Essay

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AbstractPlanning is important in the organizational environment, so it is equally important to understand the differences between, and different models of planning. It is also important to distance planning from other associated issues such as strategic decision-making in terms of providing a definition and analyzing current issues. This paper primarily serves to illustrate planning inside military organization and factors that impact organization's planning process. Ask five or ten different people for a definition of planning or decision making, and you will probably receive five or ten different answers. I'm sure that many will agree that planning is a way to identify long or short term goals and to direct your organization toward fulfilling those goals.Management Planning and EthicsOne of the most common activities in the management is planning. Planning in its most general use is setting the direction for the employee to follow in order to achieve certain goals. Plans basically are guidelines that serve as the reference for the future. Planning is "systematic process of making decisions about goals and activities that an individual, group, work unit, or organization will pursue in the future" (Bateman, Snell, 2004, p.108). Plan should be strongly associated with the organization's overall mission, and it is an ongoing set of activities.My organization's mission was to become the first platform to test the new Personnel software on the East coast. Upper chain of command had to make plans to achieve that goal. Planning started with situational analysis, which was gathering all the information, both internal and external, that was relevant to the planning issue. Supervisors often conducted a SWOT analysis, which is a very effective way of identifying organization's strengths and weaknesses, and examining the opportunities and threats the organization faced.In my organization, before the upper chain of command decided to adopt the new software on our ship, department heads needed to analyze the current condition and forecast the future trends of this new product. It involved the Executive Officer, Supply Officer, Communications Officer, Personnel Officer and Disbursing Officer. Communications Officer needed to research current network conditions. Basically, her division was verifying whether there is necessary hardware to support our new server, better yet, the ability to stay connected with the main server in New Orleans, LA. They also had to look into the matter of technical issues associated with the new technology. Install the new equipment, train the operators to operate the new software, and train the technicians to maintain the new server. The Disbursing Officer had to estimate the cost of the new plans. They needed to consider the personal costs, training, space, equipment purchase, and supplies needed to keep the server "live" during our deployment.After analyzing the situation, the Executive Officer generated alternative goals and...

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