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Planning For The Future In Chevron Texaco.

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ChevronTexaco's planning processes is a long and cumbersome one. Since ChevronTexaco is a multi-national, multi-faceted corporation; this paper will only discuss the planning processes for North American Retail Marketing. Often the planning process begins very early. For example, planning for this year, 2005; was conducted early in 2004, if not even started in 2003. Also, the process of planning has several levels, such as; long-term (10 year strategic plan), mid-term (5 year marketing plan), and short-term plans (fiscal 2005 capital deployment plan). Each planning process takes hundreds of man-hours to complete. This paper will evaluate the planning process and discuss several issues that relate to the process, such as ethics, legal, and corporate social responsibility.Planning ProcessAs stated above, there are a myriad of planning processes; this paper will discuss the short-term planning or for example, capital planning for fiscal year 2006. In order to have the capital budget in place by the start of the year, planning is already underway. Planning is defined as "the management function of systematically making decisions about the goals and activities that an individual, a group, a work unit, or the overall organization will pursue in the future (Bateman and Snell, 2004). ChevronTexaco utilizes situational analysis and benchmarking to review up to five previous years as to the amount of capital spent on building new assets, capital spent on neutralizing old assets, and the capital spent on operating the existing assets. Also, ChevronTexaco will forecast their planned growth for next year and the years beyond. Those forecasted costs along with the projected costs of operating the existing assets and the cost associated in the retiring and attrition of the older, obsolete assets; are used to set a baseline, or a forecast, for the amount of monies needed to be requested from the executive committee for the proposed year. Then the plan is finalized and submitted for approval. Oftentimes, as with many corporations, the executive committee will send the proposal back for additional rework or to request additional cuts in some areas so the overall capital request is reduced. This back and forth process can occur several times before an agreement is reached as to a final amount. Once the plan is approved, it is cascaded down to the operational unit for deployment within their respective organizations. In addition, after the operational units receive their respective plans, they are tasked in developing contingency plans to offset any identified gaps or shortfalls in their corporate endowment.LegalChevronTexaco Legal plays an important role in the planning process. They are consulted regularly in order to make sure contractual obligations are followed and to test the legality of initiatives being proposed. Oftentimes in the planning process ChevronTexaco is discussing the deposition of retail outlets that could be affected if determined to be obsolete...

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