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BUSINESS PLANNING PROCESSBusiness planning process:Situational analysis:Goals:VisionsGoalsGrowthResources for the key business functions:FinanceHuman resourcesOperatingMarketingForecasting:Total revenue/costsBreakeven analysis- output levelsCash flow projectionsMonitoring and evaluation:BudgetsSalesProfitsSituational analysis:An analysis of where a firm is currently placed with regards to its direction, the size of its clientele, and what opportunities exist for future expansion.Typical conduct through SWOT analysisStrengths and weakness within the businessOpportunities and threats outside the businessProduct life cycle:Tracks the products life: whether it is in the research and development stage, the introduction stage, the growth stage maturity stage, or the saturation/post maturing stage.Tracking the product allows the entrepreneur to consider the type of business plan that is needed.Depending on the business position, the owner may want to:Improve their weaknessEnhance their strengthsFollow opporutnutiesVision:The ability to have a clear sense of where the business wants to be in the future. However the ability to identify the steps needed to be taken to get to this position. The main purpose of the vision statement is to "guide and direct the business owners, managers and employees".It creates the culture within the business and acts as a benchmark against which to measure all the business decisions and operations.Goals:'Goals are the central motive'Goal setting is one of the most important tasks of entrepreneurs when establishing a business.Business goals are targets that the enterprise expects to accomplish over a period of time.Goals need to be SMART:SpecificMeasurableAchievableRealisticTimelyStrategic goals- long term and established by senior managementTactical goals- mid term and focus on supporting strategic goals, middle management emphasisThree types of goalsFinancial goalsSocial goalsPersonal goalsFinancial:All businesses have financial goals as well as a system of financial record keeping.Financial records are also used to determine a business's...

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4217 words - 17 pages comprehensive structure and process of human resource planning to Widgets Unlimited's Director, which the content of this report will include the section of employing new staffs, and the section of developing original staffs. This report is provided by the senior manager of human resource management department to the managing director of Widgets Unlimited, which to provide new human resource strategy for the incoming year. This report includes academic

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3356 words - 13 pages . Giving the opportunity to rearrange and change ideas. To determine the success of any event, the planning process will need to consider every aspect that needs to be covered so that nothing is missed and organisation is of a high standard. Event details Event Description I have decided to host a live drum and bass night, which will consist of three main headline acts –Dr Meaker, Dub Fx and Dub Mafia The purpose of this event is to

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967 words - 4 pages planning, especially in the process of analysing planning problems. The theorists of rational-comprehensive planning thought that through encyclopedic, long-term, comprehensive analyses of development of cities, could put out long-term master plan with high accuracy. According to Friedmann (1987), the goal of rational-comprehensive planning is to protect “public interest”. That is to say, rational-comprehensive planning is the approach to find

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646 words - 3 pages processes to achieve higher efficiency and effectiveness throughout the company while ensuring the information bases necessary to manage a complex business system. (Garaca, 2011) The implementation process has to clear several hurdles before the process can become efficient or effective. The first of the hurdles starts with selecting the correct Enterprise Resource Planning system for the company. A misfit between the best practice processes

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1556 words - 7 pages using police power in the good and the interest of the public. On the rational models and incrementalism theories of planning, Brooks’ argues the rational models used as a tool to resolve inequalities of services and goods that have very little effect on the planning process. Rotational models do not deal with or take into account the political interfaces because politics and planning are synonymous to each other. He argues in the

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1161 words - 5 pages should be at the heart of planning for sustainable development”(ODPM 2005) The increasing role of spatial planning has meant a greater number of statutory and non-statutory documents must be considered during the planning process. Spatial planning goes beyond traditional land use planning and so increases the number of factors taken into consideration during the planning process. The spatial planning approach encourages the tailoring of plans to

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1823 words - 7 pages . Scenario planning is a tool for helping organisations gain an insight into the future in an environment of great uncertainty and allows for management of strategic risks and opportunities. As Conway (2000) describes the process of scenario planning as integrating past and present information, while working with staff to interpret that information in order to explore future strategic possibilities for their organisation. The process involves

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1115 words - 4 pages and time-bound. A certain period would be set aside to analyze the situation and decide on a course of action. This would result in a formal document. Once this was done, the actual work of implementation, which was considered a separate, discrete process - could begin" (Wall & Wall, 1995).      Although individual definitions of strategy vary between each author, traditionally, theorists have considered planning

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