Going To Class Or Staying Home

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As many of us pursue our higher education there are many challenges and choices we have to make along the way. These challenges and choices are influenced by a variety of outside factors. Some of the major challenges we face are time management and the prioritization of our daily professional and personal responsibilities. For a student such as myself I have to balance my class schedule and assignment due dates with a full time career that at a moments notice may require me to be away from home for up to six months at a time. For others, they may have a demanding career and the additional responsibility of being a parent to one or more children. Regardless of the mirage of challenges, there are choices we have as to how we plan to obtain our respective degrees. With advances in technology many colleges and universities have developed alternatives to traditional formal classroom instruction. Distance learning is an alternative degree option that allows students to pursue degrees from home utilizing the internet. There are thousands of students that have obtained their degrees without stepping foot in a traditional classroom (Beard, 2002). Students correspond with instructors and other students through discussion forums, email, and the occasional phone call. As you can see there are options available to accommodate must students and it is up to us, as students to choose traditional classroom instruction or the technological advancement of distance learning.
When enrolling into college the choice of electing to be a traditional student or nontraditional student was a difficult decision for me. For my lifestyle and career demands the flexibility of not having to report to a classroom at a specified time and day was very appealing to me. With the flexible schedules of online courses many students view them as a more efficient use of their time (Lorenzetti, 2005). With a distance learning program my classroom can be my home, office, and in a rare occasion the US Navy ship that I’m deployed aboard. Sure, there are still assignment deadlines as in a traditional class but as to when and where I progressed through a particular assignment was up to me. In my latest course I was able to view the entire syllabus the moment I enrolled. Reviewing the syllabus allowed me to plan for assignments that I felt may take a little more time than others. Knowing my upcoming assignments and having the option of setting my own pace was a huge benefit throughout my online course. Traditional classrooms leave little to no room for deviation from show times or dates. When signing up for my traditional class the schedule preview allowed me to see the specific time, location, and day(s) of the class. Knowing my dates and times was excellent for planning purposes, but once enrolled I was required to attend class at the specified times in order to participate in discussions, receive assignments, and receive credit for that day. Regardless of what came up in...

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