Plans Change: How A Family Health Scare Altered My Future

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Plans Change
A few days doesn’t seem like a long time, but when you’re waiting to hear the fate of your husband, a few days can feel like an eternity. “I may have a brain tumor.” I felt my knees start to give, as my husband delivered this news. “We have to wait for the results of my brain scan, and it may be a few days before we know for sure”. It was during this waiting period, that I was forced to consider the unimaginable. If my husband, did in fact have a brain tumor, he may not survive. That I alone, a stay at home mom, without a college education, or any real skills to speak of, would be able to support my family.

The next 48 hours, the thought of my husband not surviving, and what I would do, played like broken record in my head. I couldn’t even look at my husband, without fighting back tears. This man that I have loved for 16 yrs., the father of my children, the sole supporter of our family, may be ...view middle of the document...

This phenomenon, is usually seen in patients with brain tumors, but lucky for him, this did not turn out to be the cause. The doctor told him that he would have to wear glasses now, and with the right prescription lenses, this should help his vision in his left eye. We left the doctor’s office, with a prescription for special lenses, and the feeling that we had just dodged a bullet. But that night, as I lie in bed, I still couldn’t get those thoughts out of my head. The question. If my husband, didn’t survive, how would I support my family? The answer became clear to me.

So, the next day, I told my husband I wanted to go back to school. That I felt what happened to him, was a wakeup call for me. I couldn’t just depend on him to support us. What if he didn’t survive, or what if he could no longer work? I needed to be able to depend on me. The only way to do this, was to give myself that opportunity. Sure, I could go back to work as an Administrative assistant, but without a degree, how could I compete with other applicants. That my experience alone, may not be enough anymore. Also, the salary I was making, was not enough for a family of 4 to live on. With a degree, I could apply for higher paying positions. After explaining why I wanted to go back, he confessed that he had been sharing the same thoughts I had. That it was important for both of us, to be able to financially support our family. I was grateful he understood and that I had his full support. I went into the college a few months later and officially became a student at Macomb Community College.

That was two years ago. It’s hard to imagine sometimes, that things could have turned out differently for my family. That I could be a single mom, raising two kids on my own, struggling to make ends meet. But I try not to focus on that. What I do focus on, is the positive events that came out of that situation. Like my decision to go to college. Before my husband’s stroke. I had just planned on being a stay at home mom, and taking care of my family. Then life through us a curve ball, and those plans changed.

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