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“ What are my plans for the future?”. This question is often popping up in my mind and frequently asked by my elders. As my Junior year in high school is starting to fade away and my senior year is soon to come, this question never seem to dim away. I’ve asked myself this and I have come up two ideal plans such as joining the military, volunteering for a program to go abroad to help the less fortunate, traveling and seeing the world and finding the one to live the rest of my life with. I think planning is like an architect designer they take time to bring his image from his mind on to the paper, after they are done it is carefully built to perfection. I understand that these plans could ...view middle of the document...

When I am done with my four year term with the army I am planing on straight to help people and raise money for countries who need help. I even would like to travel to other countries and help build homes and providing them the necessary needs to survive. Trying to help people who need it is one of the most rewarding thing you can do for yourself and to the world. I know a little bit about being alone and having no one there when you them the most and its one of the worst feeling in the world. In the other had i also know how it feels having people there for you, Its a great feeling not being alone. That’s why i want to help others and to show them someone will alway be there to help them, I like to be the that person who is remembered for being there for people who need it. I have chose this plan because I like helping people, I hate being judged as “the troublemaker” and many people do, which is why i want and have to prove them wrong.
Traveling the world and seeing every part of it is just “Priceless” theres nothing like traveling, meeting new people,seeing new sightings and experiencing the full effect of a different world other than yours. Imagine being surrounded by a different culture and people speaking different language, watch how they do things and think to yourself how odd they do these things and vice versa, all of them looking at you the same way. At the same time you adopt to their culture and experiencing their life through your own. The more you get better acquainted in new cultures and their way of just makes you appreciate the life you have. Appreciating the life you makes everything worthwhile and makes you want to live but it also teaches you to never taking things for granted and appreciating the time of life on earth. While doing this, there is the possibility the i would be dating someone whether not...

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