Plant Independent Study: Dissection Of A Flower

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1. a) Define Monocotyledon and DicotyledonA monocotyledon is a class of angiosperms that has one cotyledon within the seed. It has a one seed leaf.A dicotyledon is a class of angiosperms that has two cotyledons within the seed. It has two seed leaves.b) Give two examples of each.Monocots - 1. lilies 2. grassesDicots - 1. daisies 2. deciduous trees2. Describe at least 4 differences between monocotyledon and dicotyledon plants.MonocotyledonsSeed leaves, Veins in leaves, Vascular Bundles in stems, Flower partsone cotyledon usually parallel scattered in multiples of threeDicotyledonsSeed leaves Veins in leaves Vascular Bundles in stems Flower parts●two cotyledons ●usually net-like ●arranged in a ring ●multiples offours & fivesIn the seed leaves of each flower type, there is either one cotyledon in it (monocot) or two cotyledons in it (dicots). In the flower, the veins in the leaf appear to be parallel in monocots and net-like in dicots. The vascular bundles in the stem of the flower are scattered and all over the place in monocots and are arranged in a ring in dicots. The flower petals also are in groups of three in monocots and are in groups of four or five in dicots.3. State the function of the following flower parts: stamen, pistil, petals, sepals, stigma, style, ovary, anther, filament, and receptacle.Stamen- The male reproductive organ of a flower, consisting of a stalk (filament) bearing a pollen-producing anther at its tip.Pistil- The central female reproductive organ around which the other flower parts are arranged. Seed-bearing.Petals- Part of the corolla of the flower, colored. Are used to attract insect pollinators.Sepals- Specialized...

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