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Plant Of Plentiful Power Essay

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Looked down upon by society, yet it has the ability to save lives. It has been turned into a monster by selfish businessmen who wanted to protect their investments. Medical marijuana should be legalized because it was outlawed due to corporate greed, it would be a boost to the country's struggling economy, it would help thousands of ill people and it does not raise the crime rate in the legalized area.
First, marijuana (also known as hemp) has been around for thousands of years, and was once the cornerstone of multiple important industries. Both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson grew hemp and used hemp as a building material to make sails, cloth and paper (Marijuana). They were also advocates for the use of hemp. Yet, during the 1920’s and 1930’s multiple leaders of the timber industry realised that hemp was starting to cut into their profits, because it was more logical to make paper out of hemp than out of trees (Martino). These tycoons decided that hemp had to be banned, so they started a smear campaign against the plant to help protect their profits. The basis of their campaign was to create the impression that those who smoke marijuana become dangerous and delirious. These tycoons made propaganda films depicting men slaughtering their families with axes after smoking marijuana once. All of the media attention worked and Congress outlawed marijuana in 1937. Substances, such as marijuana, that have positive abilities, should not be outlawed due to the greed of big companies.
Second, medical marijuana should be legalized because it can help people fighting illness in multiple ways. An example of this is young Charlotte Figi. When Charlotte was born she was diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome, a disease that causes intense seizures that are very hard to control (Young). Her parents tried every method of treatment, including diets and medication. They either didn't work or caused adverse side effects, such as bone density loss and immune deficiency. Her parents were left with one last option, medical marijuana. They found a strain that was low in THC (the chemical that causes the “high” from smoking marijuana (Cox)) and high in CBD (the non-psychoactive substance that has positive medical attributes (Giddingson)). Mr. and Mrs. Figi spoon fed the plant oil to their daughter, Charlotte, and within minutes her seizures stopped (Young). In fact, Charlotte’s seizures stopped for 7 full days. This is only one of hundreds of stories of people being helped by medical marijuana. Medical marijuana has the ability to relieve muscle spasms, nausea from chemotherapy, poor appetite caused by chronic illness, nerve pain, seizures and Crohn's disease (Harding). It should not be against the law to use a plant that helps people cope with or overcome their illness.
Third, medical marijuana has the potential to boost the country’s struggling economy in multiple ways. Medical marijuana is a taxable medication. The government of California...

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