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Plasma The Television Of Tomorrow

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The television is the center of the home theater universe. That's why it's so important that someone buys the right type of TV. There are many choices out there and unfortunately many rumors about those choices. However, the Hitachi CMP5000WXU fifty-inch plasma TV is not only the best buy for those interested in plasma TV's but also the best format to use in a HDTV (high definition television) home theater.Hitachi has a fifty-inch plasma screen that is less than four inches deep, making the TV one of the slimmest around. It is a high definition TV with a 1280 by 768 pixel resolution and boasting a nine hundred to one contrast ratio. A contrast ratio is the difference between the brightest color and the darkest black."The Hitachi also has a new feature where it can be turned vertically or horizontally, to look like a portrait or landscape. The two features that make it stand out from the rest however are its unique deep-cell configuration of the panel, which increases phosphor area by forty percent for increased brightness and clarity, and its advanced color purity glass shield that decreases reflectivity by about thirty percent" (User's Manual).These features are relatively new in the industry. The deep-cell configuration and the advanced color purity glass shield both provide for an unchallenged picture in the plasma field. Also, the portrait and landscape feature is just a cool feature not seen in many otherSchmidt 2plasmas. It also switches to a screensaver mode when the TV has been idle for an extended period of time to save plasma cell life, not only does this extend the life of your plasma but it also stops the occurrence of burn in, when a picture is permanently 'burned' on the screen.When considering the Hitachi's competition, one realizes just how good of a buy this plasma television is. "Plasma TV's having comparable viewable size have an average cost of around $7,091" (Hitachi CMP5000WXU). A good comparison to the Hitachi CMP5000WXU is the JVC GDV-500PZU, which is also a good example of all other 50" plasma TV's on the market right now. Although this plasma display does have a higher contrast ratio than the Hitachi, it does not have a built in tuner, without a built in tuner you are stuck with many more cables and components you must buy, in addition you cant watch cable TV. This TV is also rather overpriced, running an average internet price of about $10,454 compared to the $6,079 of the Hitachi. Furthermore, it lacks a screensaver mode and is about 15 lbs. heavier. As a result, the Hitachi model appears to be a better buy than the JVC model, or the best buy on the market for that matter.Now one could ask, "If this is the best deal for a plasma TV, is it the best deal overall for a HDTV?" The answer is yes. There are five types of HDTV's for sale right now: the CRT (standard tube TV), projection TV (big screen TV), LCD (flat panel TV that uses liquid crystal), DLP (digital light processor) and of course the plasma TV. A CRT (cathode...

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