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Plastic As A Commodity Essay

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Silverman (2007), states that, “Plastic constitutes 90 percent of all trash floating in the world's oceans”. Plastic has become a well-known and wanted commodity around the world. It is a commodity that is involved in most things that we use; however, we are oblivious of its bad effects. In the article “Plastic is rubbish” it shows that in 2010 alone, Americans created 31 million tons of plastic waste such as containers, appliances, and cups (n.d.). When plastic is used this excessively it acts as a hazard and a harmful commodity, since it endangers the lives of many creatures including humans. The way this commodity is disposed off should be efficient and should not result in ...view middle of the document...

Most governments are hostile when it comes to reducing, or banning both the use and manufacture of the plastic bags. Their greatest fear is upsetting the daily routine of their citizens since this commodity has become part of their daily lives. These bags are cheap, readily available and easily portable, thus customers have become dependent on them. Though limiting or prohibiting their production, would negatively affect the economy of some countries especially those that produce them, governments should control and illegalize improper disposal of plastic bags.
The amount of plastic used and disposed should be watched carefully and moderated to a healthy amount. Research has shown that when plastic bags are used to carry or pack edibles such as groceries, contaminate them with unhealthy chemical substances that influence negatively on the health of human beings (Patel, 2008). By constantly using this commodity and disposing them improperly, individuals expose themselves to health risks such as cancer. Improper disposal contributes to environmental degradation in extensive levels, for example, when dumped in the soil, they cause soil pollution. Soil pollution negatively affects both human and animal life because both depend on plants for food. The effects that result from using this commodity wrongly are devastating and need to be controlled if not stopped. This way, the environment will be preserved and human health problems related to their use will decrease.
Statistics show that shoppers use over 500 billion single use plastic bags annually. These bags cause the death of many creatures, especially marine animals due to the long time they take to disintegrate, and even when the animal dies, the bag is released and another animal could be harmlessly fall victim of the same...

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