Plastic Makes Perfect? Essay

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Americans are not strangers to warning labels. They are ubiquitous, darning foods, plastics, medicines, drinks, and much more. Their purpose is to warn consumers about potential health risk that come with a certain product. Most warning labels only focus on one area of health, physical. Health, however is much more; it is mental, emotional, social, and spiritual as well. Why are there no warning labels for these areas of health? For instance, why are there no warning labels across the boxes of those so called perfect blonde Barbies? Barbie Dolls threaten young girls’ mental, emotional, and social health in major ways. There should be warning labels on Barbie Dolls because they set ridiculous ...view middle of the document...

Women need to know exposing themselves to Barbies can set unrealistic standards for them and their daughters, and warning labels are the perfect solution for this problem.
People often forget the impact of Barbie goes far past body issues. The white, blond-haired, blue-eyed doll reinforces basic ideas of racism. It is obvious. If one were to walk down the toy isle at the Target or Walmart, it would be hard to miss Barbie. White Barbie. Yes, there are a few black dolls, but Barbie accessories are not diverse. Are there any black Barbie apparel? No. Black Barbie books? Nope. Black Barbie movies? No way. Even the minimal black dolls there are for sale, they are not much different than regular Barbies. They have the same body type and facial structures, the only difference is skin tone. This can show young girls the ideas of white supremacy since the dolls are just copies of white dolls painted black. Other races cannot be forget as well. It’s difficult to come across as Asian Barbie, Indian Barbie, or Hispanic Barbie. Or what about a German Barbie or an Egyptian Barbie? There is enough racial prejudice in the world; there is no need for it with Barbie. No parent wants their child to be self-conscious towards their race, so they need to be aware of the racial effects Barbie can have.
Although she is blamed for many things, Barbie is most known for her detrimental effects on young girls’ self-esteem and self-worth. A study targeting the connection between Barbie and low self-esteem was conducted by psychology professors Helga Dittmak and Suzanne Ivy of the University of Sussex and Emma Hallwell of the University of the West of England. The study was titled “Does Barbie Make Girls Want to Be Thin? The Effects of Experimental Exposure to Images of Dolls on the Body Image of 5-8 Year Old Girls”. The psychologists concluded that girls who were exposed to Barbies had a lower self-esteem and a greater desire for a thinner body compared to other girls who had not been exposed. This negative impact on girls’ self-esteem can lead to eating disorders in a quest for a thin body. Eating disorders are some of the most lethal and damaging mental disorders, killing up to 13% of its victims, 87% of whom are teenagers. Self-esteem issues as a child can lead to insecurities as an adult as well. 75% of normal women believe that they are overweight and...

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