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The Risks Of Plastic Surgery Essay

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While the need to feel good about physical appearance, plastic surgery comes with many life-threatening risks, that often times are not even necessary. Even though plastic surgery comes in handy in certain cases, people manage to take it to a whole other level, even as far as an obsession. That is where something good turns into a psychological problem. If the outcome can do more damage than good, it probably is not a wise decision.
Medical Reasons
The only reason why plastic surgery is necessary for medical reasons, and life threatening circumstances. A few reasons why plastic surgery is medically necessary would be if someone was to get into some kind of accident and needed the reconstructive surgery to fix their face or body that has been disfigured and is necessary to bring a sense of normal into their lives again. The other reason why plastic surgery is okay is if the person is born with a deformation and the plastic surgery can be life changing in a good way even though it comes with many risks.
Some of the risks that come along with plastic surgery, such as infection, chronicle pain, deformation, and even death. Kanye West’s mother, for example, Mrs. Donda West went to her doctor Dr. Andre Aboolian of Beverly Hills, where she went for a consultation to get a breast reduction, and a tummy tuck. She asked her doctor if, she could go home to recover after surgery and Dr. Aboolian said no because of all the risks that come with the recovery. Not liking what her doctor had to say she decided to go to another doctor that agreed to home recovery. “Hip-hop superstar Kanye West was mourning the death of his beloved mom Monday night, who died after cosmetic surgery that at least one doctor told her could be dangerous.
Sources say Donda West, 58, received a combination breast reduction and tummy tuck and likely suffered uncontrolled bleeding after going home to recover from the radical operation” (Lite, 2007).
Health Risk
Some people even go so overboard, with what they think they need done. They go to a consultation and their doctors say they cannot get the surgery they want or cannot get it done at the scale, they planned on, they go to another doctor that will do whatever they want as long as they are being paid. Some of the consequences to that are the unsterile operation rooms, and lack of experience that cause infections, deformations, and death. According to O magazine “318,123 Number of breast implant surgeries performed in 2010, 2,414 Number of those surgeries performed on patients 65 and older, 4,153 Number of those surgeries performed on patients 18 and younger. Twenty Percentage of patients with breast implants who will need them removed within ten years because of rupture, hardening of the tissue around the implant, and other complications (according to a recent FDA report). 133,511 Number of nose jobs performed last year, 9,094 Number of nose jobs performed on patients 18 or younger, 33 Percentage of potential nose job patients who...

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