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Plastic Surgery For Teenagers Essay

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Plastic surgery has been around since 800 BC. Many adults have considered such procedures as a benefit for themselves; however would you allow your teenager to consider it to mask their flaws? According to the American Society of Plastic Surgery nearly 210,000 cosmetic surgery procedures were performed on teenagers 13-19 in 2009 (Thompson). Low self esteem has led some teens in choosing plastic surgery as a boost for confidence. This should not be considered an option for teens without knowing the consequences it can lead too. Therefore, parents should not allow their young teenager to get plastic surgery.
Rhinoplasty and Breast implants are common procedures that many teenagers get to satisfy their insecurities. “Nearly 35,000 U.S. teenagers had their noses surgically reshaped last year and about 8,000 girls age 13 to 19 had their breast enlarged last year (2009) and 2,953 of them were aged 18 and younger” (Thompson). Dr. Antell states that he is unsure if a teen will continue to grow or not. He avoids doing the surgery because destroying the human body will cause more problems. To harm a young girls body will not only make her look deformed but even more self conscious. “Breast implants are a murky area because you are unsure if the teenager has stopped growing yet” (Wansbrough). This doesn’t just go for breast implants but also rhinoplasty, liposuction, and injections. The body grows and plastic surgery does have an effect in the long run. “The key perspective is to asses physical, emotional, and psychological maturity before treating a patient” (Wansbrough). In order to get diagnosed for the desired surgery, teenagers must ask themselves are they ready for the procedure? The doctor will ask a series of questions and observe the body to determine if the patient is ready. Maturity is defiantly a must in this process as well as following the doctor’s instructions and advice. Both are highly favorable because any complications can damage one’s body. They also must have realistic expectations. The doctor would not approve someone that looks like Rosie O’Donnell and wants to look like Sophia Vargas.
Along with other surgeries, plastic surgery is definitely one of the many that leads to death. Would you want to pay thousands of dollars for your teen’s procedures just to later learn they passed away due to complications? Well, when allowing them to go through with plastic surgery you are doing just that. Complications that take place in the body are excessive bleeding, infections, heavy scarring, injury to the wound and surgical complications (Schneweis). Although these “minor” effects may seem okay for the time being, they later turn into major issues if not taken care of, which may costs thousands of dollars to keep up with. Many have passed due to patients whom were cosmetic surgery savvy. Is plastic surgery worth losing a life over? Instead of surgery, why not enjoy life and have fun in your teen year’s verses concentrating on your physical...

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