Cosmetic Surgery On Teenagers Essay

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In the first two texts there are numerous views concerning adolescent cosmetic surgery. Among these views are, for example, Diana Zuckerman, president of the National Research Center for Women and Families, whom are mentioned in both texts. As she is quoted in the second text , Seeking Self-Esteem Through Surgery, an article by Camille Sweeney, posted on New York Times website, January 15 anno 2009, “They may not be any happier with their new look, then what?”. Said quote depicts quite well the general skepticism that Diana Zuckerman seems to hold in both texts. It generally seems that she is concerned that many teenagers, whom desire cosmetic surgery, may be somewhat rash in their decision to go to such lengths to acquire the modern beauty ideal. Among other opinions, that surface in the texts, are the one of Valerie Ulene, author of the first of the text, Plastic surgery for teens, an article that were posted on Los Angeles Times website, January 12, 2009. Valerie Ulene, whom is a specialist in preventive medicine in Los Angeles, expresses a concern, not unlike Diana Zuckerman. She furthermore concludes her article with, that she has no regret s not persuading cosmetic surgery on her nose. She considered said procedure as a teen, though not seriously. Concerns like those of Diana Zuckerman and Valerie Ulene can also be associated with the opinions of John Canedy, a cosmetic surgeon mentioned in the first text, and Ann Kearney-Cooke, the director of the Cincinnati Psychotherapy Institute, whom are mentioned in the second text. Furthermore are there listed, in text 1, that many unnamed surgeons argues, that the cosmetic procedures improves the self-esteem of the teens, and as such the quality of their lives. Previous mentioned argument can be put in connection with the view on cosmetics of 18-year-old Kirsten, whom have received breast implants, and seem to be quite pleased with it. The fact that she says that she persuaded the surgery to look “normal” can also be put in context to parts of Diana Zuckerman’s argumentation.

The author of text 1, Valerie Ulene, does engage her reader in the subject of cosmetic surgery on several points. Among the mention worthy ways in which she accomplish to engage the reader, is the way she starts the article with a personal angle on the subject. By putting down her own experience with the subject she makes the reader interested in the subject ass well, as the concrete concern about imperfection in the physical appearance is very much common, more or less globally. Furthermore, the way she uses several authorities, for example as the presidents of the National Research Center for Woman...

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