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Platoon Moral Right And Wrong Essay

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This movie about the Vietnam War showed not only the defeat of the U.S. in a war but it also showed the destruction of the moral of soldiers. The Soldiers knew in their minds that the enemy was the North Vietnamese Army however; they acted like the enemy was themselves.
The first part of the movie that I see showed the soldiers looking for their friend. When they find him he is impaled on a tree, a mass of blood leaks from his body, and I can feel the hatred that the soldiers in the movie start to feel. The next scene shows the soldiers taking revenge on a nearby village. The people of the village appear to be peaceful peasants, and I can sense the animosity from the soldiers as they ...view middle of the document...

I wonder have the men lost their sense of right and wrong, are their morals gone? Does human life mean nothing?
As the movie moves on, the rest of the soldiers looking in the village find weapons, ammunition and rice. Barnes is interrogating a Vietnamese man about the find with an interpreter. The responses from the man does not make a difference to the sergeant as he keeps yelling you are lying. The man's wife approaches and Barnes shoots her because the villager does not give the answer that Barnes wants to hear. As I watch the carnage again I ask, were is human decency? Where is compassion for villagers who are clearly terrified and overwhelmed with grief.
Other villagers are shot and others still are being sexually abused by the soldiers. Some of the men yell at them and tell them to stop because they are humans. I think the soldiers lost their sense, they have let revenge for their buddy Manny color their judgment, their moral compass of right and wrong is gone. The soldiers are then given orders from the...

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