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Starting preschool is a big milestone for a child. Since preschool prepares children for the type of learning that takes place in kindergarten. With that being said, there is no better place than going to a preschool in Santa Ana and Anaheim school districts, where Jumpstart corps members have a huge influence on all their partner children. It might be surprising too many but often many times when grown ups hear the word play they tend to oversee the importance of play in the classroom. Being in Jumpstart, this last two years and reading the textbook The Play’s the Thing by Elizabeth Jones and Gretchen Reynolds I was able to see how Play is really important for children because when they are involve in playing they are developing their literacy skills, by trying out new vocabulary words, listening to the core storybooks, or pretend play in the dramatic play area. Along with helping them in their social skills such as learning how to get along with others since many may be an only child. Then they are also learning on their thinking skills such as learning to take turns when there is no more bicycles outside to play with along with learning many other things as well.
Being a Jumpstart Corps member there are many forms in which we all help our partner children be ready for kindergarten. According to Elizabeth Jones and Gretchen Reynolds, it mentions how interactions with peers through play is an effective way of developing skills and strategies, along with acquiring new ways of thinking and behaving. Hence, just by the simply act of team Rex going inside the classroom for session because we tend to use different cooperative learning exercises in the play area the children are learning a lot more. Nonetheless, some play activities we are regularly doing with children is playing with them in the dramatic play area, building blocks. All this types of play involve many forms in which children can learn such as in their social skills, language skills, and fine motoring skills. According to the author of The Play’s the thing when we go outside to play with our partner children they are learning to use new language to communicate meaning in English. Along with picking up new words and hearing the grammatical structure of the English language since many of them may speak Spanish the most at their homes.
I also think that is very important to play with the children in the dramatic play area because we can...

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