Play Fairly, An Essay About The Harsh Terms Imposed Germany In The Treaty Of Versailles

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The French thought it wasn't hard enough on the Germans, the Americans found it at odds with principle of self-determination, and the Germans bitterly resented it. The Treaty of Versailles satisfied no one, and enforced unfair conditions on the Germans. The treaty forced Germany to be unarmed while other nations remained fully armed. In addition it gave German populated territory to other countries and made them pay implausible amounts of reparation. Most significantly, it led to the fall of the Weimar Republic and the rise of Hitler, and ultimately the Second World War.Part V in the Treaty of Versailles forced Germany to reduce their army to 100,000 men, none of which could be conscripted and were devoted exclusively to the maintenance and order within the country. As well they were to get rid of all armored vehicles, and their navy was reduced to a few small ships. Submarines, military aircraft and war industries were all prohibited. While all of these limitations were set on Germany, the newly formed League of Nations tried later to negotiate disarmament of all the countries in the world. France, along with other allies, decided that they would have nothing to do with it. France had an air force of 3,046, while Germany had none, unable to defend itself fully if an attack were to take place.Germany was forced to surrender Alsace-Lorraine, the Saar Valley, and regions to Denmark and Belgium. They lost parts of Posen and West Prussia, including the Polish Corridor and Danzig, a seaport. Both the Saar Valley and Danzig were mainly German inhabited, with the Saar Valley containing coalmines, depriving them of an important resource. It was said after the treaty, "...The British empire at present covers a quarter of the globe while the German Empire consists of a small sausage factory in Tanganyika..."Article 231 in the Treaty of Versailles states "The Allied and Associated Governments affirm and Germany accepts the responsibility of Germany and her allies for causing all the loss and damage to which the Allied and Associated...

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How was Germany punished by the Treaty of Versailles?

548 words - 2 pages How Was Germany Punished At Versailles?Germany was punished severely by the Treaty of Versailles, and in many cases, some of the terms seemed greatly unfair towards Germany. The treaty was put together by Woodrow Wilson – who wasn’t very keen on punishing Germany too harshly, as he believed that Germany would be intent on seeking revenge in the future, Georges Clemenceau – who wanted to punish Germany for France’s losses, and

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2494 words - 10 pages Versailles in France: the exact place where, after the 1871 war for Alsace-Lorraine was won by the Germans, the new borderline country of Germany was formed. This was a very great piece of history for the Germans and to be brought back to the same area by the smug French was embarrassing for them. During the time the peace treaty as being deliberated, Great Britain was still using its naval tactic of blockading as an

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1491 words - 6 pages the treaty, which was later named "The Shameful Dictat of Versailles" because of its harsh conditions and humiliating terms. In this essay I will be analyzing the reasons for the main terms of the Treaty of Versailles and the subsequent damaging consequences.As different nations, the "Big Three" wanted different conditions for the treaty, as there were different points of view. The French representative, Clemenceau, believed in revenge and promised

Germany disliked the "Treaty of Versailles" only because of the following reasons: a) Loss of land b) Cuts in their armed forces c) Reparations Do you agree with this statement?

3560 words - 14 pages , Australia, New Zealand and Japan. The union or Anschluss of Austria and Germany was forbidden. In summary to this see map/appendix 1As a result of these losses, Germany's total territorial losses amounted to 28,000 square miles of territory, and six million people. The population and territory of Germany was reduced by about 10 percent by the treaty.Germany also disliked the treaty as her armed forces were cut. The Treaty of Versailles was

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1802 words - 7 pages loss. Before the terms of the Treaty of Versailles being introduced, Germany was already devastated and when the reparation debt was introduced, they could not believe it. Combined with the financial penalties linked to the reparations worth £6600 million, it seemed clear that the Allies wanted nothing else but to bankrupt Germany. Due to the reparations, there was an increase in German inflation and since the United Sated refused to provide

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3241 words - 13 pages …as a Free City.” (7) The controversy surrounding this provision developed as a sensitive issue to the Germans since the population of Danzig was largely German. To the Germans, these conditions added insult to injury. Unfortunately, the treaty did not stop with these conditions. The Treaty of Versailles has become infamous for the harsh reparations it imposed on Germany. Perhaps even more notorious is the “War Guilt Clause” contained in the

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1690 words - 7 pages invaded, but years of war had taken a toll on Germany and it could not afford to defend itself. It was Germany who called for an armistice on the day we know as Rememberance day and yet it was Germany who took all of the blame for the first world war, and would end up starting the second one. It is my belief that the three major powers behind the Treaty of Versailles, were unjust in the terms of the treaty. Many

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1185 words - 5 pages The treaty of versailles was supposed to end war and instead it turned everything to the worst causing one of the most biggest wars that took place in our history , this war is called world war II. World war II took place around 1939 to 1945. It began over germany invasion over poland and austria , the u.s wasnt yet involved until the pearl harbor was attacked. Adolf Hitler the cruel dictator of germany used his his bad powers to invade many

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266 words - 2 pages small so that it would be too weak to fight another war. Besides that, Germany was also forbidden to have an air force or to build tanks. Germany also lost all of its colonies and all of its colonies would be run by one of the victorious powers until they were ready to gain independence.The treaty of Versailles was too harsh for Germany and later on, it caused more problems.

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1944 words - 8 pages ). Because of these demands, Germany had high inflation in the economy, unemployment, political chaos, and a weak central government (Rauer). Adolf Hitler was able to use this depression to lead him and his party to success. He campaigned to break the harsh terms of the Treaty of Versailles, so that he may be able to bring Germany back from this depression. For the German people this was fantastic because they had a leader to raise them from this

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1467 words - 6 pages , in a turn of events that would prove disastrous for the future of the world, President Wilson's ineptitude and stubbornness led to the Senate defeat of the Treaty of Versailles. President Wilson went to Europe as an idealistic progressive. He had grand plans for the future of Europe. However, when he met with the other leaders his ideas were destroyed. Nevertheless, Wilson consented to the terms of the Treaty simply because it contained what he

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1115 words - 4 pages Germans got even more angry with this but sill they couldn't do anything about it. Looking back on my research I still feel that the treaty of Versailles was very harsh. Even though I feel that France were in some ways right in their pursuit of justice. It built up revenge on Britain, France and the USA, which would be dangerous in a few years. If the treaty had been kinder to the German's then there wouldn't be so much anger built up over the years. This treaty could have been a main factor why the Second World War started, therefore I agree with the statement but I feel that Germany were treated fairly to some extent.

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976 words - 4 pages war. But was it to harsh on Germany and was she really the only responsible country for causing the war?Firstly, it is important to know how the treaty was ratified. In January 1918, President Wilson of the USA proposed to Germany fourteen points to end up the war such as: no secret alliances, free trade... and he also suggested creating a league of powerful United Nations called The League of Nations. This is the predecessor to the United

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1439 words - 6 pages handing them over to the British. But; eventually, they were forced to sign it and Germany became isolated as a European nation. (Kishlansy, Geary and O'Brien; Treaty of Versailles) The country was in turmoil. The people were starving, had no jobs, and were dying from various diseases. The war had already claimed about 2 million men, and triple that number died as a result of their wounds and diseases. After signing the treaty, The Weimar

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785 words - 3 pages , made matters worse by deciding to 'help herself' by invading the Ruhr, Germany's most important industrial area. Germa.n workers went on strike in protest. All this disrupted the German economy even more. Inflation worsened, with money becoming worthless. Many Germans blamed all this on reparations and the Treaty of Versailles. The German people were angry about the terms of the Treaty of Versailles. They never accepted them and wanted them reversed. Hitler would later be the politician who would promise to do this.