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Kiss of the Spider Woman The musical, "Kiss of the Spider Woman", was very enjoyable to see. The characters in the musical were played very well. The main characters in the musical were Molina and Valentin. These characters went together rather humerously and made the musical worth seeing. Even though it was very well put together production, I regret that towards the end of the play I was just ready get out of there.Molina was the main character in the play. Whenever Molina was on stage, he always seemed to be the center of attention. Molina was a gay prisoner who did everything he was told to do. He seemed to live in his own world. All that mattered to him was that harm would never come his way. Molina was a very humorous character and was played extremely well.Valentin was a character whose whole appearance seemed to be completely opposite of Molina's. Valentin seemed to have a harsh nature. He did not care what happened to himself in order to protect the cause he was imprisoned for. When Valentin and Molina first began to share a cell together, they were complete opposites. Valentin seemed to be easily adjectated by Molina. Given Molina's character, this is very understandable. In fact, Valentin became so adjectated that he drew a line in their cell which neither one of them was ever to cross.As the play went on, Valentin and Molina actually became friends. Valentin's nature became less harsh towards Molina and Molina's character became more personable. Molina lost the whole attitude of doing anything to keep harm from coming to himself. He began to lie to the warden to protect Valentin. Molina became a very trustworthy friend of Valentin's. By the end of the play this...

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