Play Soccer Or Cook Dinner? Essay

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Conflicts and rifts arise between and within families constantly. Issues between parents and their children are more common than issues between relatives. Issues between parents and children seem to occur more often because of the different values they possess. Even though parents try to raise their children with the same values they believe in, children will eventually grow up and be mature enough to know and differentiate what their preferences and values are. As in the movie Bend it like Beckham, the main character, Jess wants to play soccer and be a successful player. Her parents, being heavily raised with Indian culture, believe it is wrong and inappropriate for a young Indian woman to play soccer. Both Jess and her parents believe they have the correct opinion on how someone should act. This external conflict is a major aspect of the movie, but it ultimately the characters resolve their differences.
Jess is the youngest of two from an Indian family living in the United Kingdom. Unlike her older sister, Pinky, Jess enjoys soccer, from watching it to playing it. Jess is introduced as a tomboy sort of girl. She sometimes goes to the park and plays soccer with the guys, who are also Indian. When Jess gets invited by Jules to play soccer on an all girls team, she hesitates to tell her parents because she knows they will be against her decision. Jules is an English girl whose mother is also against her infatuation with soccer. Jess’s love for soccer isn’t just the game, she likes the camaraderie and the famous soccer players such as David Beckham. Jess has poster of Beckham, with whom she talks to on occasions. Jess’s coach and her friend Jules believe that she is good enough to go to America and play soccer there. Jess hides the fact that she is playing soccer from her parents, for a long time. Unfortunately, her parents find out and forbid Jess from playing soccer. Jess argues that she should be more independent just like other English girls. Jess manages to sneak out and play soccer until she and her parents have a heart to heart in order to fix their issues with each other.(Chadha Clip 2).
Jess’s parents, Mr. & Mrs. Bhamra,...

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