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Week 8 Video: Play Therapy For Severe Psychological Trauma
As a behavior therapist and as a graduate student intent on working with children, I am often asked by friends, family, and clients, why I have chosen to work with children. When I get asked this question, my immediate thought is: why wouldn’t I like to work with kids? When I’m stuck on the highway on the way home I often find myself thinking of the kids I saw during the day. The progress they have made, what we can improve on tomorrow, and mostly that I hope what I’m doing is making them happier, stronger and healthier. Knowing that I want to continue my career with children I decided to find a video about a major aspect of children’s counseling and also a technique that I have been increasingly interested in called Play Therapy. It is becoming increasingly important in this field to continuously educate ourselves on different techniques in counseling so that we can provide the best care and outcome for each client.
Video Selection: Play Therapy For Severe Psychological Trauma By Eliana Gil
The video I chose for this week’s discussion centers around Play Therapy and its effects on children the title is Play Therapy for Severe Psychological Trauma. In this video, play and family therapist Eliana Gil discusses the nature of trauma, how to recognize it clinically, and how to manage its powerful effects on children's development with the use of specific art and play techniques (Gil, 1998). In the video Gil reenacts a clinical interview as well as shows footage from an actual play therapy session. Dr. Gil explains how the trauma young kids have experienced can appear in children's paintings and drawings and how to intervene effectively in posttraumatic play (Gil, 1998). This population is of interest to me as I have known from the beginning that young children and adolescents were going to be my target population, I’ve also had a growing interest in play therapy and the many different and unique ways to implement it during a counseling session. Play therapy is something I can see myself exploring in the future and utilizing these videos will guide me through the proper usage of it.
Insights or Conclusions Gained
Having not worked with children that have experienced trauma yet this video was very insightful for me. I have worked with children that have Autism and have implemented aspects of play therapy in my work, however this video opened my eyes to just how effective it can be amongst those that have experienced traumatizing events. An insight I gained about trauma in general is that children who have been abused either physically, sexually or emotionally react in a variety of ways. Some can show very few signs, while others feel confused helpless, angry and anxious. Some can also...

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