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Play Wrote By A Person Essay

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The play did have many characters and it seems very sad, but at the same time it was very interesting to me personally. The play took place in ancient Rome in 44 B.C. The main character was named Julius Caesar; he was a great Roman general that was so powerful; he then became a dictator, then he got killed by the senators. Also one of the most important characters in the play was Brutus; he supports the republic, who believes strongly that the government has to be guided by the votes of senators. Another active character in the play was called Antony; he was a friend of Caesar, who became allegiance to Brutus. Also a character was named Cassius; he didn’t like how the Roman population likes ...view middle of the document...

After that the senate killed him, and washed their hand from his blood, and that means that they have the pleasure to kill him and give the freedom to the Rome population.
The customs and the casting were very beautiful and they fit each character perfectly. They used many customs to describe each character. Even though there were five men and three women on the stage for the whole play, but in the original play there are thirteen character, so the custom abet them a lot for the change of the character. That also means that the actors are professionals and they know what they doing. Also the customs and the casting showed each character, for example the people who were wearing black t-shirts were the citizens, and they have many different opinions about the murder of Caesar. Also Caesar was wearing like the general in the army, to describe his authority. The set were very good actually and it didn’t abate the quality of the play, because they made it look like real. For instance the red sheet represented the blood of Caesar. The knifes that the characters were holding, was real and that made the play look more realistic. The...

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