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Playing Video Games Is Beneficial To Children

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Across the continents, people are turning to new technological developments for entertainment. Unlike the previous generations who were fascinated by television and radio, the current generations are much more advanced regarding their choices of technology, relying on their smart phones, tablets, and game consoles to help them pass their free time. Today's youngest generation in particular, enjoys playing video games. Although parents may be concerned about the amount of time their children are spending on these video games, they should realize the numerous benefits to playing video games that have been identified, including increased problem solving skills and better grades, various health benefits, decreased stress and increased social interactions with peers.
School districts are finding ways to include all kinds of technology into our school's curriculum. Educators seem to have caught on to the power video games have over our children. During the last decade, gaming is one way that teachers have found a strong connection to a good majority of their students. Today video gaming is widely used for educational purposes. “Interactive games are being used to teach our children history, vocabulary, math, and reading. These same games challenge students to set and achieve goals, while enhancing their ability to work in teams" (Slota 1). In elementary schools across the country, video games like Oregon Trail, Spelling City and Micro Type Pro make learning fun. Student who may not do well with typical curriculum, find they do well with technological assistance. Elementary schools are not the only place you'll find kids playing video game. Many of our high schools are also using video games as valuable educational tools. “If we were too implement games into all high school classes, grades would increase drastically due to the increased participation (Paul 1).” In Project Lead the Way courses, offered at Woodbury High School and East Ridge High School, video games are used to simulate the design and construction of bridges and buildings. Other games teach student how to understand and write code, which is a valuable skill to understand for the computer sciences field of study. "When students are exposed to the video gaming curriculum, respective test score go up drastically"(Annetta 1 ).
Student grades are not the only way that the benefits to gaming are being noticed. Medical and psychological science experts have found some interesting connections to playing video games and increased abilities of the human body. "Interestingly, medical students who grew up playing video games were significantly better at precise surgeries. In fact, these students who previously played video games for four or more hours a day, drastically out preformed students who played less often or not all (Larkin 1)”. This statements contradicts previous beliefs that video games are nothing but a waste of time and energy and rather suggests that increased play time...

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