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Playing the Reaper
December 13, 2013, a day that will always hold an agonizing place in my heart. On this day, my beloved grandmother passed away at 82 years old. Her loss was unbearable. It was hard, and still relatively difficult, to picture a world without one of the most loving people I have ever met. In the end, it was pneumonia that took my grandma away from me, and I watched helplessly in a cold hospital room as the disease slowly crippled and mutilated her. You want to keep holding onto faith in this situation, faith that she’ll recover, but as time progressed, that faith began to recede. Then there came a point to where she could no longer, speak, eat, or remember who we were on her ...view middle of the document...

It’s been practiced since the days of Ancient Greece and been a hot topic for debate since the 1800s. In recent years, with the aid of technology, more people have become aware of the gravity of this practice. There has been a great outcry against euthanasia. People call it inhumane and borderline but I am here to shed light on its benefits. By reexamining the true meaning of death, a doctor’s duty to his patient, and the terminally ill’s relationship to society, we can see that euthanasia isn’t as brutal as the media paints it to be.
What is death? This is a topic that will always be shrouded in mystery since when we faced with death, there’s usually no coming back. Most of us fear death, fear its uncertainty. For those who believe in religion, they fear where they will go once they experience death. The world has dressed death as horrible thing, seeing it as a means to an end rather than the start of something new. Epicurus, one of the most famous philosophers of ancient times, pleaded that we should not fear death, that “death is nothing to us.” He advocated that pain was the only thing detrimental to life, and since death involves neither pleasure nor pain, death is not bad for us. One of his best quotes was, “The art of living well and the art of dying well are one.” If one cannot live well, we should consulate this by dying well, with dignity. I for one do not fear death. I see it as an escape from the tumultuous lives we live. I feel that it is only in death that we can find peace and solidarity, and I believe this is what the terminally ill really seek. For someone who’s known pain their whole life, an existence or state of mind that is free from this pain is their ultimate goal. Is it morally right for us to deny this from them? To deny them happiness? As for my grandmother, who was an avid Catholic, she believed in an afterlife, a place where she and her family who passed before her could be reunited and live forever with God in peace. My grandmother had to witness 7 of her children die before her. Her...

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