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Playing Video Games Help Support Child Development

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Recently, there have been many active video games that have become popular amongst children that can encourage exercise. Video games such as the Wii and the Xbox connect engage children in a whole new way in which the whole body is actively involved. The scientific journal JAMA Pediatrics conducted a study to evaluate the effects of active video gaming on the physical activity and weight loss in children. The research group conducted a 16-week study on seventy five overweight or obese children that were enrolled into a community-based weight management program. The average age of the participants was 10 years old, the average BMI score was 2.15 and the percent of overweight form the median ...view middle of the document...

Not only is active video gaming a good thing for children overweight, it is excellent for all children because they allow them to have fun and exercise at the same time. Playing active video games for even just an hour a day will help children lose and maintain a healthy weight.
Video games are an increasingly popular form of entertainment amongst children. Whether they are used simply for entertainment or other various reasons, they are fun for children to play and create a whole new virtual world for them. There have been many debates on whether or not there are any real benefits in video games for children. Recent research has proven that there are indeed real and effective benefits to playing video games. In order to adapt to challenging tasks in the real world, children need adequate motor skills. From grasping a pencil for writing, to running for exercise, children actively use their motor skills each and every day. Interactive video games provide children with the opportunity to enhance these skills because of the demanding tasks they ask of them. Interactive video games require children to use their fine motor skills to manage buttons on controllers and their motor skills to carry out actions in pretend sport games. This allows children to work on their object control skills as well as develop skills that will help them learn to catch, kick and bounce balls. Prosocial video games are also beneficial to children because it can help them become kinder and more generous towards others. Getting involved in video games where the main character is seen engaging with others in a positive way seems to effect children in a positive way as well. Children can learn to work well with others and learn to help others rather than hurt them. Socially, this will allow children to interact with others that are also willing to be helpful, giving them a common thing to bond on. It is through prosocial games that children are able to develop positive habits that will build healthy and strong relationships among peers. In general, video games have positive effects on cognitive and perceptual development. Video games require children to think and react based on what is going on in the game. Beneficial cognitive skills can be acquired while playing video games because they get children to process information in order to solve problems. This also ties into...

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