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Playing With Violence: The Use Of Violent Video Games

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Ever wonder why children and teens seem to be more aggressive and violent? Violence has gone up because of violent video games. The games children play these days are rated higher than what their age group are suppose to play. “In this study, children who played video games often with older siblings were twice as likely as other children to play mature-rated games (Considered suitable for ages 17 and older)” (Violent). Children are acting violent due to the games they play.
Children that Play violent video games are most likely to cause violence to others. “Video games cause children to be more aggressive towards others. Exposing children and adolescents (or “youth”) to violent visual media ...view middle of the document...

“Violent video games cause players to associate pleasure and happiness with the ability to cause pain to others” (Video Games). Children who play the violent video games lose empathy and will be satisfied by harming others. The kids always have to find a way to do something that will make themselves feel better about themselves. When the kids feel superior at something than another person in the games the kids will call the other person names for being bad at the games. Kids who are the bully are usually the ones who play violent video games. The kids that are the bully will feel pleasure with the thought of harming other kids or actually harming the kids. These are ways of how kids feel happiness and pleasure causing pain to others.
“This work suggests that kids who are more immersed in violent video games may be more likely to get into physical fights” (Schaffer). Kids get into fights because of the game that the kids play. The games is likely to cause the kid to get mad. The kids is likely to learn how to fight from video games and using that to bully other kids. The games the kids play causes them to get mad easily, so the kids will probably bring their anger with them outside of playing video games. The kids will releases the anger that they have by beating up the other kid. Violent video games doesn't always make kids want to fight with others, the games are also a way for kids and teenagers to relax.
Video games can be a substitution for violence and can be educational so that the violence is played out in a virtual world instead of a play ground or school site. “A 2007 study reported that 45% of boys play video games because “it helps get my anger out” and 62% played because “it helps me relax” (Video Games). Video games can be a substitution for violence in many ways. Their can also be educational video games that helps kids learn things. Playing video games for fun can be a way to take stress out of a person so the person can just relax and have fun. Video games is a way to live a separate life some where in a virtual land. Video games may help you relax but it can also cause personality changes.
Video games may help kids relax but it can also change their personality. “Give the likelihood of individual variability, it may be useful to...

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