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Playing Xbox Games To Playing Baseball Out In The Fields

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Nowadays, technology has become part of our life. Everything seems to be so advanced and it gives a lot of benefits to us. Based on the fact, the Xbox games is the device that very popular video game console from Microsoft. Introduced in 2001, the Xbox is also widely used as a home entertainment source. Meanwhile, baseball is the example for the outdoor games that make someone sweating when playing this device. According to the some research that has been done is the percentage of the playing Xbox games is very higher than playing baseball out in the fields. Although many people like to play Xbox games than playing baseball out in the fields, many people gets disease when playing Xbox games because playing Xbox games not well for body. I think playing baseball out in the fields is very benefits compare playing Xbox games because playing baseball out in the fields makes us feels fresh and the body also in the well without any disease that harmful.
Firstly, playing baseball out in the field gives us the better health. In this case, playing baseball out in the fields gives us comfortable life without any disease because when we playing baseball out in fields we uses many movements for example running and using hand. This action will cause our body sweating. Then, playing baseball out in the fields also makes us to prevent from other disease like cardiovascular. But by playing Xbox games, we will only sit and maybe not moving around for an hours as to concentrate playing games until sometimes reach midnight, forget to sleep, eat, or even bath. The calories in our body will not even burn down and will give the dangerous effects to personal health. We also get many diseases when our body not gets energy and not health.
Besides, playing baseball out in the fields can get some new friends. By playing outside, children can make new friend and from...


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