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Playtime Peer Relations: An Informal Observation

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Behavioral Observation notes for November 1, 2013 11:30am
• It appears that recess , or a lunch break has begun, children are running and walking out to the playground
• This is a small private school, and I see fifteen to twenty children on the playground.
• I see one adult male playground monitor, who seems to allow the children to facilitate their own play.
• The playground is all concrete; there are basketball hoops, jungle gyms, swing sets, red rubber balls, soccer and basketballs.
My first personal observation is of an Asian boy, approximate age, 5-7 years old.
• 11:30am I notice the young male run on to the playground, he immediately goes for the red rubber ball. He kicks and attempts to dribble the ball for good minute or two, without regards for anyone around.
• 11:32am He stops playing with the ball for a moment, runs over to the fence and looks out into the street, then runs back to the ball and begins dribbling.
• 11:33am the playground monitor says something and the children respond by moving towards the monitor, the boy I’m watching continues to play until the playground monitor says something else.
• 11:34am the children began to line up, and proceeded to pass by the playground monitor, who handed them something.
• 11:35am - 11:40am the young male sat on the ground near other students, and it appears that he was eating something.
• 11:41am the young male got up and tossed what may have been trash into the waste can and promptly went back to retrieve the red rubber ball.
• 11:42am - 11:45am young male was kicking the red ball like it was a soccer ball and female student approached him. It appears that she wanted to play with him. The young boy seems as if he had not heard her request and continued to play. The young girl attempted to take the play, but he continued dribbling and went to the other side of the playground.
My second personal observation is of a Latina girl approximate age, 7-9 years old.
• 11:30am - 11:33am the young girl walks out to the playground with several female friends, they go straight away to the swing set. It appears that they are talking with each other, more than actual swinging.
• 11:33am the playground monitor says something and the children respond by moving towards the monitor, the young girl responds in a timely manner and walks towards the monitor, with her friends.
• 11:34am the children began to line up, and proceeded to pass by the playground monitor, who handed them something.
• 11:35am - 11:42am the young girl and her friends, proceeded back to the swing set where it appears they are eating the treat that had been given to them by the playground monitor. The young girl continued talking to her friends.
• 11:42am - 11:45am the young girl walked with one of her friends to the trash can and threw something away. On her way back, she interacted with a young male; her friend continued on. The young male was playing with a red ball it appears that the young female wanted to play with him. The young...

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