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Playwrights Use Stage Direction To Show Characterization. Explore Some Of The Stage Direction And Their Effects, With Reference To One Or More

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Certain characters undergo characterization in both plays. The character that struck me from “A Doll’s House” by Henrik Ibsen was Nora; which in this case is the main character. From the “The Crucibles” by Arthur Miller the character that stood out to me with her independence was Elizabeth. Both of these characters have their own personality, which we can establish through the stage directions and quotes in the play.

The plays illustrate that women both in the plays portray submissive behavior, but just set in different time and place. “A Doll’s House” was set in Norway in the19th century, where as “The Crucibles” was set in Massachusetts in the 17th century. This demonstrates the ...view middle of the document...

We learn a lot about Nora when she interacts with other people especially with her dominant husband; we see how her behavior stars to change and becomes more of her own person then submissive. Helmer tries to control Nora but fails, because she has already decided about what path she wants to take peruse in her life; to become her own person. We can also distinguish how she hides her shame by manipulating Helmer, and trying to distract him with her curtness; “[Playing with his coat buttons and without raising her eyes to his.]” (pg13). She capitalizes on every chance she has to make an independent decision. Nora attempts to get the most out of her confidence, and succeeding when leaving her family, but mostly Helmer. She was tired of being tied down with rules and lack of her own freedom. “That our life together would be a real wedlock. Good-bye. [She goes out trough the hall.]” (pg81) “[sinks down on a chair at the door and buries his face in his hands.] Nora! Nora! [Looks round, and rises.] Empty. She is gone. [A hope flashes across his mind.] The most wonderful thing of all?”, “[The sound of a door shutting is heard from below.]” (pg81) Nora shows this type of reaction, when she leaves her family, that Helmer will not get another opportunity for to change. Nora left with an emotional ending for Helmer proving to him that she is her won person, and is not fit into that type of community she was in.

Elizabeth shows a constant submissive role, but then gets controlling when she find out her husband cheated on her with a young girl called Abigail. Elizabeth was very shocked about the situation, and started to trust him less. She monitored John, since she had a hard time trusting his actions. Elizabeth expresses her stubborn, accusative behavior, by confronting him when john mentions that he was in a room alone with Abigail She did not like this idea and rebelled against his opinion. “You were alone with her?” (pg53), “For a moment alone, aye.” (pg 54), “Why, then it is not you told me.” Elizabeth is accusing Proctor for not telling her he was...

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