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My transition to a Jesuit high school, the redevelopment of myself intellectually, spiritually, physically, and emotionally through social development and a caring diverse community, has given me such invaluable life lessons that have shaped the individual I am today at CU Boulder and hopefully the future goals I wish to achieve after graduation.
My high school career at Brebeuf Jesuit College Preparatory has been the most significant accomplishment in my life this far. I wouldn’t know it of course starting out as a freshmen coming from a public middle school where I was at the top of my class and felt smarter than everyone else. After the first few weeks in school, that feeling went away and it turned into dread. I was mediocre, if not somewhat behind everyone else who had come from elite private schools and who’s families were the one per-center’s. I felt like it was the first time that I had to actually struggle to get decent grades instead of having them come to me easily. Another aspect of this new school that was challenging to me was communicating and getting to know the students who I labeled as spoiled and entitled, but who were actually very bright, kind, personable. What I could not possibly imagine would be that those students, now dear friends, would by my harshest critics, most persistent motivators, and my greatest inspirations.
The core values and missions statement of my high school, which I can still envision plastered along our central hall; intellectually competent, open to growth, loving, religious, and committed to promoting justice are the lenses in which I view my accomplishments in high school and on a daily basis to day.
The first of these values know as the grad-at-grad, “Intellectually Competent”, was seen in the drastic change of course work and the challenging content I was given. I was expected by my teachers to not only know and memorize the material, whether it be Calculus, Eastern Religious Thought, AP literature, but to analytically apply it to my other courses, events outside the classroom, and my person life as a God-given individual. One of my favorite assignments was having to write and expository essay trying to apply Social Justice concepts to the availability of mathematical education. While two at first the two seemed incompatible, through research and help from faculty, I was able to grasp a sold understanding of how the two were interconnected, and how the application of such thought could change educational standards.
The second grad-at-grad, “Open To Growth”, has been by far the most notable and persistent of values that I have remembered. While at Brebeuf, I was challenged to step outside my comfort zone by interacting with students and faculty from all different religious and cultural backgrounds, expand my view of service to others, challenge my previous held religious and spiritual beliefs, and grow a closer relationship with God. While rooted in the Catholic tradition, Brebeuf pushed me to...

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