Please Stop Laughing At Me... A Summary

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Have you or someone you know been bullied? Your answer is probably yes. So was Jodee Blanco, the author of Please Stop Laughing At Me… One Woman’s Emotional Story. Starting in 5th grade up until high school graduation, she was tormented by her classmates, getting little or no help from authority. Even her parents began to believe it was her fault. She understands what it feels like to be bullied and wrote the book as something other victims can relate to. She also wrote it to show people how bad bullying really is and get them to understand that it shouldn’t be dismissed as a normal part of growing up and allowed to happen. Something should be done to prevent kids from going through this. That is her main point in this book. The main idea of this book is Ms. Blanco sharing her experiences experiences of being bullied through much of her adolescent life to show people the horrors of bullying and that it shouldn't be allowed to continue.
This main idea is shown throughout the book. When the bullying started in fifth grade when she started volunteering with the deaf, her parents confronted the principal only to be told that kids will be kids. Life didn't get better for Jodee for a while. She changed schools to avoid the bullies but nothing worked. The fact that she had a deformity didn't help things and she was terrified someone would discover her secret. She was scared to attend her high school reunion because she was afraid of how they would treat her. Ms. Blanco has been through a lot.
An example is her torture during the majority of the book. In 6th grade she went to her friends party, and to her astonishment, a couple began making out in the closet. She called her mom to tell her what was going on and her mom told the mother of the girl who was having the party. Soon, everyone hated her for tattling. "Every day, it was the same routine. The kids either ignored me or taunted me, snickering behind my back."(Blanco 63) In junior high she moved to a new school and was popular for a while, but her conscience came out sometimes and they began to think of her as a wuss. She was doing ok until the day she refused to dissect a pig fetus in biology. Thats when the beatings started. They started by just throwing gravel and rocks but one day it progressed to cement. Then came the most horrific one of all. She was knocked to the ground and beaten while snow was shoved in her mouth until she started choking. That is when the bullies thought she was sufficiently tortured and left her alone as she lost consciousness until her mom found her lying there on the ground. "They were...

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