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Pleasing Essay

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Pleasing family or society can be a complex argument, it ties into factors of being loyal to family but also doing what is best for oneself. Moral aspects also tie in, clouding peoples judgement not by “What’s best for me in the long run?” more so by “What will keep my family happy?” The most logical steps from my point of view is pleasing society, however, many object -- but not for the correct reasons. This essay will outline three major points that tie into this argument; the importance of pleasing oneself, the effects of parental beliefs, and the effects of pleasing society versus the effects of pleasing family.

The importance of pleasing oneself is first and foremost the most important thing in life. If a person isn’t happy with the position they are in currently, then they will never fully enjoy their job, meaning they will not excel in their career/life. To advance in life, one must appeal to his/her general wants and desires, if they don’t -- then they’re simply going to do an average job at best, and average isn’t going to fully benefit society. Take for example a doctor, who loves their field of work -- and enjoys going into work daily; when they go to work, they are going to be advancing and learning more techniques daily, and they will accomplish great feats in their line of work, because they love what they do. Let’s then go to a lawyer, who hates their job, they aren’t going to excel -- they are going to do the ‘average’ parts of their work, and fulfill the necessities; and doing the necessary things aren’t going to get a person noticed above others; the lawyer who wins every case, loves their career, and goes in with passion is the one who will continue to advance. The main reason this is brought into this essay is, parents hold back their children from fully becoming successful in life -- parents want the best for their kids out of love (or personal desires, I don’t think it’s truly love -- more so selfishness to fulfill their life through their children) which is what will be outlined in the next paragraph.

The next topic I wish to outline is the effects of parental belief, and how that has a negative impact on children. In our society parents have the belief that their children have to make straight A’s, go to college, and get a high paying job such as a Judge, Doctor, and the other high paying occupations. Although parents may not directly push their kids towards this path, they set their children up for failure with their own personal desires, and inability to see what is really best for their child. An example would be a parent who is a coach, they may try to push their child towards becoming an athlete because they love being an athlete -- and think it will teach their kids values for life, when the reality is chances are regardless of the sport they play they will going to end up as an average, normal paid person. What should be pushed for is harnessing the child's personal abilities in-order to contribute the most to...

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