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Blaine Pittman
Mr. Harris
Eng. 102 70321
October 19, 2017
Fences Title Analysis
        The title may seem simple enough, but by the end of the story “Fences”, one is left with the thought that the title is a complex symbol for the entirety of the novel. When reading this novel, was told that the title was more than just a title. It is a symbol that basically summarizes the entire book. The title is a symbol for the relationship he is building between him and his son Cory. It is also symbolic in that is is used to as a crutch in a sense, so that the reader can better understand the message of “Fences”.
        Throughout the play, Troy Maxson, the protagonist, talks about this fence that he is trying to build. He says it multiple times. For example in Act One, when Rose says that Cory left, Troy responds, “Out, huh? He gone out ‘cause he know I want him to help me with this fence…” (Wilson 1978).  In Act two, when Troy and Bono are talking about which wood is better for the fence, Troy responds, “Pine wood is inside wood. This here is outside wood. Now you tell me where the fence is gonna be.” (Wilson 1994). The title is a symbol for the literal fence that he is building around his house.
The word is also used metaphorically. In Act two, Bono explains to Troy, “Some people build fences to keep people out…and other people build fences to keep people in.” (Wilson 1995). Troy asks why Rose would want a fence around the house, reasoning that nobody wants anything she has. Bono explains that Rose want this symbolic fence, so that her family will stay...

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