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Pluralism And Diversity Essay

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1: Acculturation is the process of learning bout and adapting to a new culture other than what one is used to. These adjustments could include daily living, work, housing, and health care. Acculturation is different from assimilation is that the latter involves becoming completely absorbed into the culture and the former involves simply dealing with it and a adapting to the new society.2: According to the Declaration of ...view middle of the document...

In order to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among men. If the Government doesn't meet this obligation, it is the right of the people to abolish it. The document states that governments are instituted among men, which means that the government is the people, and likewise, the people are the government. We have a right to change things that are unsatisfactory, and we choose the officials who are elected into office to make important decisions for us.3:Race is the judgment that people with the same skin tone, hair color, and facial traits should be grouped together. These ideas are superficial and are not confirmed with deeper analysis to remain in these groups. The article scientific failure of the concept of human races states that most reliable genetic traits are recently dated, and due to recent evolution, climate, and sexual selection. Through analysis, clusters can be found within population, but these clusters cannot be identified as races, since every level of clustering would determine a completely different partition of classification. This fact is also proven in the statement that genetic variation within clusters is larger than variation betweenclusters

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802 words - 4 pages . Walzer knows that pluralism and national unity go hand in hand. You cannot have one without the other. Even with the existence of dozens of ethnos that have the right to vote and live freely as U.S. citizens, we are not in jeopardy of acquiring any negative consequences. As walzer stated “one can reasonably argue that ethnic pluralism is entirely compatible with the existence of a unified republic.” Walzer’s opinion on pluralism is diverse as

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530 words - 2 pages also believe that this assimilation into white culture is inevitable, against cultural pluralism. Cultural pluralism, which was initialized by W. E.B. Dubois in the late 19th century, is founded upon the peculiarities of races, living harmoniously in one nation-state, and lacking superiority or inferiority. Consequently to posing this question one dictates that there exist certain boundaries between cultures in our American society. Where do


686 words - 3 pages will be less critical. Pluralism will ultimately give the best results. It opens a person up to new things. One of the great things about America is its diversity, and we should not try to seperate it.         In the schools it should be required for the teachers to teach about all cultures so that children will be well rounded. This will prevent children from being ignorant and racist. If a class consists of only one race they should

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1411 words - 6 pages Multiculturalism is a highly debated and often misunderstood topic. Many scholars have discussed how it could be detrimental or beneficial to society. Henry Lewis Gates discusses this issue in his article, “The Debate Has Been Miscast from the Start.” Within this text, Gates reveals the advantages to having multiculturalism in the curriculum of America’s schools. He would argue that in order to create true diversity and understanding of cultural

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628 words - 3 pages :* Value of media responsibility* Values audience responsibility* Limits government intrusion in media operation* Values diversity and pluralism* Aids the "powerless"* Appeals to the best instincts of media practitioners.* Consistent with US legal tradition- Weaknesses of the SRT* Is overly optimistic about the media's willingness to meet responsibility* Is overly optimistic about individual responsibility* Underestimates power of profit motivation and

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1816 words - 7 pages Both The Poem of the Cid and The Song of Roland were written in a time period where great new developments were occurring in Europe, but none more crucial than the beginning of the Crusades and the ethnocentric viewpoint they propagated and were propagated by (Quinn). Of great interest is the manner in which both works deal with the nature of pluralism in European history. For the sake of this essay, pluralism will be defined simply as a state

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1501 words - 6 pages , ` assimilation is dated and detestable." He further states that assimilation is mostly a "spontaneous process, driven by the economy, popular culture and the belief in individual opportunity. (Samuelson 2). Since colonial times pluralism has been a constant reality in the United States and assimilation has always been a powerful force in affecting most minority groups. Pluralists have raised our awareness of ethnic diversity in a society

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965 words - 4 pages input of citizens of different ethnic backgrounds enriches and strengthens Canada as a country due to a wider range of views being taken into consideration, allowing for more precise decision making, rather than simply satisfying the wishes of the majority. Furthermore, through encouraging immigration and pluralism, a network of political, educational, and communicational ties is built between the host country and the parent countries. As one of

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1813 words - 8 pages Shahadah. This, among many other practices, is an example of the religious plurality that exists within the Islamic world. The Islamic world is home to a large and diversified religious community that, on the surface, seems homogenous in its religious practices. But many religious schools of jurisprudence, schools of theology, and other religious movements exist under the umbrella of Islam, these schools bring religious diversity to Islam that

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1305 words - 5 pages because the priest touched on some topics about family. The part about family and friends got emotional. After the mass was over, it opened up new opportunities to explore the world and figure out what the world has in store. Culture and Catholic Church In this section of the paper, I will describe how cultural assimilation, cultural pluralism, and culture connect to my cultural plunge experience. According to Convertino, Levinson, and Gonzalez

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2249 words - 9 pages “Rapid internationalization and globalization has enhanced the significance of workforce diversity”. (Shen, 2009) There is now a growing need for diversity management and interlacing cultural differences into the company’s core values. Within the last couple of decades human resource management has tied in diversity management with compliance to the EEOC and affirmative action. Going forward into the future, companies need to start looking at

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1103 words - 4 pages , creating globally common beliefs, the most recognisable being Catholicism, illustrated in the overwhelming response to World Youth Day.To conclude, there have been many key factors, which have contributed to pluralism in Australia. While the White Australia policy was active, it limited the progression of pluralism and narrowed opportunities for economic development due to lack of population growth. Immigration has been a major part in the

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1404 words - 6 pages director of The Pluralism Project at Harvard University, gives a clear definition for pluralism. Pluralism is a two way street of dialogue, knowledge, understanding, and active participation (Eck 2 “From Diversity”). Pluralism is not meant to be an assimilation of religions or that a person of any faith has to believe all religious paths are true. Religious Tolerance is the continuous congruent relations between different religions and religious

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1267 words - 5 pages they generally are there to allow pluralism to flourish, and to ensure everyone has minimum power. Social pluralism requires the society to have conflicting interests and different opinions. This existence of social pluralism is a necessary requirement but is not sufficient. Social pluralism requires there to be a diversity of opinions and conflicting interest and there have to be many people with equal political power, so one person can not have

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1201 words - 5 pages gender and diseases that are stigmatized among many others. Next the term ‘pluralism’ is basically the distribution of power in society; it has two senses; one broad and one narrow. In its broader sense, pluralism is a belief in, or a commitment to diversity or multiplicity (which means the existence of many things). As a descriptive term, pluralism may be used to signify the existence of part competition (i.e. political parties such as