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Poaching Problem Essay

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For every wildlife animal legally hunted another is killed illegally; this is called poaching. The people who commit the type of crime such as that of hunting illegally are known as poachers. The worst part about this crime is that it is committed where no one can see or know what is happening. The motive of poachers can vary from wanting a trophy or pointlessly killing animals to harvesting a profit from ivories, horns, or antlers. If this environmental problem of poaching continues, then many species will either become endangered or extinct. This has been an ongoing problem for many years now and there have been many efforts to stop or catch poachers. There are various solutions that have been tried and tested but the latest and most effective solutions have yet to be explained.
The first and most general solution to this problem and many problems like it is to enforce more severe consequences for this crime. The largest fine ever given to a man for poaching a white-tailed deer was $24,000 for the three laws he broke while he killed the deer. This is not a usual case but some poachers make good money selling animal organs on the black market, which makes fines an ineffective way to stop poaching. Although poachers may also face sometime in jail the consequences should be severe enough to make the criminals think twice.
The next and more effective solution is a more effective way to catch poachers in the act. The use of robotic decoys is the more effective solution of which I am referring. Robotic decoys have been used for the past ten years in all 50 states. Law enforcement officers can deploy these decoys where complaints have been filed for poaching. This puts the Game Warden or Law Enforcement Officer on an equal playing field with the poacher. These decoys also give the officers the ability to be in “two places at once” by being notified by a Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) which decoy has been tampered with or shot. These decoys are lightweight and easy to set up. ...

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