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Podcast: An Equation For Good Essay

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The podcast I listened to on RadioLab is called “An Equation for Good,” which portrays a long conversation between three different guests Richard Dawkins, Oren Harman and Carl Zimmer and the producer is Lynn Levy. This podcast was very interesting to me because Robert Kulwich shared a story about his discussion about natural selection with Richard Dawkins and eventually natural selection gets known as “the total horror of this suffering in nature” (Levy, 2010). From this remark, I quickly realized that one of the main points of this podcast is to enhance our understandings of natural selection by realizing that it exists. Most importantly the introduction was strong and creative because it drew my attention as the music was pleasant and effective while listening intensively.
My attention was also drawn to several questions in this podcast, which made me eager to find the answers to these questions. For example, one interesting question I heard was “when you do see generosity how do you know it’s really generous” (Levy, 2010). This question stood out to me because it is one particular question I don’t think about often and made me wonder whether people help someone out because they see it as a duty. However, I believe the best answer to this question is the portrayal of the concept of norm of reciprocity, which indicates “the expectation that helping others will increase the likelihood that they will help us in the future” (Akert, Aronson, & Wilson, 2013, p.303). This is true because “generosity” happens when both persons are nice to each other and if an individual helps another person then it’s easy to assume that the person who was
helped would likely help their helper “in the future”, which goes to show that “generosity” does exist (Akert, Aronson, & Wilson, 2013, p.303). Even in my daily life, I always make sure I can help out the people, who helped me out in the past by applying the ideals of “norms of reciprocity,” which is the case for most individuals.
Furthermore, a huge portion of this podcast focused on an individual name George Price, who was a hardworking man, desiring to make “one great discovery” (Levy, 2010). The discussion about him eventually touches upon natural selection, which contributes to the question of “why families stick together” (Levy, 2010). One of the most obvious answers given in the podcast was that “family persists” (Levy, 2010). This is very true because kinship is important to our society in order to support one another. This clearly goes to understanding the concept of kin selection, which is “the idea that behaviors that help a genetic relative are favored by natural selection” (Akert, Aronson, & Wilson, 2013, p.302). Even from our own experiences, we are likely to help our family members before our friends in extreme situations because we are concerned...

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