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October 6th, 2017
Poe’s Influence on Today’s Society
Known as the “Father of the Detective Story”, Edgar Allan Poe’s early detective fiction tales featuring Dupin form The Murders of the Rue Morgue laid the ground work for future detectives in literature. Poe took writing to be a moral task that worked to arouse the reader’s mental, emotional, and spiritual state of mind through his writing. Some characteristics of Poe’s detective fiction include: the sidekick for the clever detective, the stupidity of the police, the hatred of the police for the detective’s interference, the simple but careful solution of the problem through logic and intuition, the notion that there are multiple dimensions to a person, and the technique of involving the reader to solve the mystery. These characteristics established the detective genre in what it is today; inspiring popular culture and commenting on social issues.
Edgar Allan Poe demonstrates that his characters are telepathically connected such as the narrator and Dupin. The narrator explains that “this is beyond my comprehension. How is it possible Dupin shows his capacity of working backward and observing the importance of you should know what I was thinking of?” (Poe 243). Dupin shows his capacity of working backward and observing the importance of insignificant details by describing an actor whom the narrator is pondering. Poe suggests that Dupin can use his imagination while also using logical thought revealing the extent of his skills. The narrator admires Dupin and encourages him to describe his analysis which always surprises the narrator. This technique became the prototype for future detectives in the genre.
Perhaps the most important characteristic Poe introduced to the detective genre was engaging the readers to solve the mystery. Poe’s stories require that the reader must accompany the detective toward the solution. All the clues are available for the reader, as well as the detective, to solve the crime, and at the end of the story, the reader should be able to look back on the clues and realize that he or she could have solved the mystery. Poe took the process of using clues to figure out the identity of a criminal and used it in creating stories of deduction. The readers are supposed to use their knowledge of human nature to figure out what the answer must be. The reader experiences a journey which involves trying to solve the mystery. This enables the reader to be engaged within the story. Other authors have used this technique by providing simple clues throughout the story and allowing the audience to guess and draw conclusions as to who committed the crime. Poe’s stories are not just a challenge to the hero, but also the reader.
Another significant aspect of Poe’s fiction is the use of the narrator or the sidekick. In The Murders of the Rue Morgue the narrator begins the tradition of the reporter of the famous detective’s accomplishments....

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