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Poe Versus Hawthorne, Comparing Writers Essay

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There have always been comparisons ranging from players, books, and etc...

One comparison spoken about by sports reporters is between Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant and who was the best in their prime. Many reporters say Jordan because he was clutch and was the most competitive athlete they have ever seen. Other reporters say Kobe because he has a better jump shot than Jordan at his age and has to play along another superstar. Jordan never had to go through what Kobe is going through right now. Another comparison talked about is Capitalism and Communism and which political institution is the better one. Many people say communism is the way to go because everyone is equal and no rich person has an advantage in this system in contrast to Capitalism. People say Capitalism is the best because it is a democratic practices freedom, and people can amass wealth and can live a comfortable life because of it. The comparisons between the economical ideologies will be forever debated furiously, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. The reason why I went out of the subject of English and mentioned these comparisons are because writers from past and present compare Edgar Allan Poe and Nathaniel Hawthorn as being vastly different writes. They were both allegorical writers whose stories were giving a message to the reader, so in comparison there are in some text the same and only the way the write separates them.

Edgar Allan Poe was an allegorical writer whose stories often left the reader feeling tricked, more understanding of his personal tragedy, and messages in all his tales telling us something. One story that caught my eye was the "pit and the pendulum." It was a good and suspenseful story about a prisoner locked up by the inquisition and awaiting his execution. It started off pretty good and what made it scary of the way the prisoner described his captors by "the lips of the black robed judges. They appeared to me white-whiter than the sheet upon which I trace these words-and thin even to grotesqueness;" (161 Poe). The suspense was so good even when they fed the prisoner food because he did not know the apparent reason they did this, was it because it was going to be his last meal soon or was it they were going to feed him to the rats after he was executed. Soon after the captors took away his food and the suspense started to increase when they released the pendulum and the "sweep of it had increased in extent by nearly a yard. As a natural consequence, its velocity was also much greater. But what mainly disturbed me, was the idea that it had perceptibly descended" (170 Poe). The rats also were a major part in the scaring the prisoner and the reader because they are known to be filthy and vile scavengers who will eat anything to appeal their hunger. "While I gazed, they came up in troops, hurriedly with ravenous eyes, allured by the scent of the meat" (170 Poe). The downward swing motion of the pendulum really left the...

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