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Questions on October Dawn1: By saying'October is marigold'the poet is meaning that as October arrives so does the autumn and the leaves of a marigold plant are yellow or orange, like the dead leaves on the trees. The name of the marigold plant is made up of the name 'Mary' and 'gold'. This could be referring to the fact that Christmas is drawing near too, and 'Mary' was, of course, Jesus' mother and 'gold' symbolises something good or rich. So this description could be referring to the fact that we should be thinking about how great Mary was as Christmas comes close. I think that this is a very good description because it makes an instant impact; it sends lots of different images through your head which immediately gets you thinking which is what a poem needs to get you doing because if it starts very low-key and it doesn't grab the reader's imagination then he might stop reading it. It is also open to many different interpretations which again grabs the reader's imagination and gets you interested. 2: The subject of 'dreamed' in line 4 is the half-full glass of wine.3: The glass of wine is left out in the darkness all night and by dawn it has ''dreamed a premonition'. The glass would be able to sit out, possibly on a window sill, looking out into the world and just thinking about it. It would be very relaxing and because of the alcohol in the wine; the glass might be feeling a little drowsy. So the scene is all very relaxed and peaceful.But because it has been exposed to the elements for so long the top layer of the wine would have turned to sour vinegar which could symbolise a foreseeing into a bad winter ahead. Another slant is that the glass would have seen into the future and seen the ice and snow of winter that is to come.4: This poem is very interesting when it comes to its structure; there are ten stanzas with two lines to each stanza. There is a rhyming scheme, but you have to look for it; the words at the end of the lines are not direct rhymes: 'yet' and 'out', 'if' and 'heave', but for some reason they do sound similar. So if you say that those words do rhyme, then the poem has a very straight forward a,a,b,b,c,c... rhyming scheme, with a few rhymes that go a little past the mark such as 'strewn' and 'green'. There is no obvious pattern with regards to syllables and lines, it jumps about a bit, but in seven out of the ten stanzas one line has either two syllables more or two syllables less. I could not really find any obvious reason why this would be the case, though.5: The two images that I like are both quite closely related, but it is the contrast between the two that I would like to appreciate as well; 'Ice Has got its spearhead into placeFirst a skin, delicately here'I like this reference of the ice starting to creep its way over everything. I can see God sending down a spearhead into a clearing in a forest and it landing in the ground head first, and sticking...

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