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'Poems studied share common concepts, theses, issues and/or ideas'Select at least two poems studied in class and compare how effectively each poet communicated their message to their audience.In your response you must make detailed references to your chosen poems.Poems are developed to communicate an important message or theme, some which can include journey, change and crossing cultures. 'The Door' is a poem by Miroslav Holub that involves an imaginative journey taken by the persona as to what is behind the door. Holub also effective communicates the numerous possibilities of change that come with opening the door. Similarly the theme of journey can be revealed in the poem 'Past carin'' and the concept of crossing cultures is common when compared to the poems 'No more Hiroshima' and 'August 6th'. The poets all effectively communicate these themes through numerous literal techniques.The result of a journey is never known but it is a risk that all have to take. In 'The Door' the persona is being persuaded by the speaker to 'go and open the door', a decision that could hold unlimited opportunities, down paths that have no specific outcomes. The persona takes an imaginative journey as they work though the endless positive or negative events and experiences that could lie behind the door. The speaker prompts this journey with repetition of 'Maybe' indicating to the audience that a journey can lead you anywhere, to even 'a garden, or a magic city'. No physical journey is actually taken by the persona but the poet or speaker is constantly referring to the certain possibility of a real, physical journey if they open the door. The persona is hesitant and by the end the poet is almost pleading with them to take the chance, and expresses that 'if there's a fog it will clear' which metaphorically means that persona's cramped mind will be released after opening the door. This poem effectively describes journey, communicating to the audience the benefits or consequences that can result.Change is inevitable and necessary in life. 'The Door' is a poem that successfully discusses the possibility of change and how essential it is for the growth and development of people. The persona is afraid of change and the speaker starts by using forceful language like the repetition of 'go' hoping the persona will obey. The world behind the door is quiet, boring and lonely displayed by the quote 'Maybe you'll see a face' in which the tone suggests that the persona has never seen another human before. In each stanza there is a decrease in intensity and by the end the speaker repeats the words 'even if', then lists some things like 'the darkness ticking', personification that enables the audience to understand that change can be bad or good but you never know. 'Even if there is nothing' taking the risk would be worth never allowing for the possible...

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708 words - 3 pages Good morning/afternoon ………… and class. I present myself here to talk to you about how many poets use the world of nature to comment on the world of man. To accomplish this, I will refer to two poems called The domesticity of Giraffes by Judith Beveridge and The Jaguar by Ted Hughes. Mans relationship with nature is portrayed by Judith .1. Beveridge and Ted Hughes in their poems, The Domesticity of Giraffes and The Jaguar

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992 words - 4 pages Form is an integral part of poetry. The form used by E. E. Cummings is quite unique, and is different in each of his poems. His poems, "nobody loses all the time," "pity this busy monster,manunkind," and "r-p-o-p-h-e-s-s-a-g-r" illustrate this fact.The poem, "nobody loses all the time" is a good representation of Cummings' work, written in no traditional form. It is 37 lines long, divided into six stanzas of six lines each, and one line standing

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758 words - 3 pages IRONY AND SYMBOLISMThe collision of two worlds and cultures coming together creates turmoil and confusion for many. With an autobiographical nature, that is the feeling a reader gets when encountering the poems "Persimmons" by Li-Young Lee and "I Go Back to May 1937" by Sharon Olds. "Persimmons" is a story of two cultures coming together in the life of one person. Lee came from a Chinese heritage and grew up in Indonesia and later the United

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2844 words - 11 pages narrator observes a tree and responds to it by understanding their role in the universe. Ultimately, in both poems, the observation of a tree triggers the narrators reflect on their own experiences and by extension, our experiences as humans. In The Sound of the Trees, Frost structures the poem in four distinct sections and this is crucial to understand the contrast between human fixity and the trees' breadth of time. In the first line

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1435 words - 6 pages involved in a miracle. Instead she focused on her misfortunes due to the pregnancy.In conclusion, these two powerful poems convey important issues that she experienced in her lifetime; the painful relationships that Plath felt for her father and husband, and the misfortune of unwanted pregnancy. Both of these issues were a lot worse than usual due to Plath's unstable health. Plath with the use of stylised forms, manages to create poetry that represents her feelings and emotions of issues that effected her throughout her life.

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1186 words - 5 pages In "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight" and "Beowulf," we encounter single heroic men, under a great king on an adventurous quest for recognition, and honor. Hard to imagine that though so much alike, they differ in category. "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight," contains very similar aspects of an epic poem, which creates vast similarities between sir Gawain and Beowulf. Both of the famous writings entwine lineage, the warrior code, and mysticism to

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606 words - 2 pages Emily Dickinson AnalysisAmerican Poetry is famous throughout the world and one of the most famous and well known American poets is Emily Dickinson. Dickinson deals with many themes and tones in her poetry however; one of the most dealt with themes is death. In "Because I Could Not Stop For Death" and "I Heard a Fly Buzz - When I Died" Emily Dickinson shows that death is not always as bad as it is portrayed and at times it can actually be a joyous

"Larkin's poetry suggests that many people's lives are disappointing." Discuss this statement with reference to at least 3 poems. Your essay should include reference to poetic technique.

1176 words - 5 pages Many of Larkin's poems do suggest that many people's lives are disappointing. He talks about the ways in which people cant find love or happiness often using persona.On one hand, Larkin writes poems such as, 'Afternoons,' where he focuses on the lives of women after having children. He uses pathetic fallacy; using nature to reinforce a character's emotions or experiences. This metaphorical language is a good technique for giving a sentence two

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711 words - 3 pages associated mostly with her family. Their personalities were very different which is probably why their writing is so different. Whitman's poems were all published during his lifetime. Dickinson's might not have been published at all if it were not for a relative of hers who found them after her death. Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson have very different styles of writing; the forms of their poems are different as well as the subjects, and the

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511 words - 2 pages cut out the unnecessary things from his poems, and has only the words that contribute to the point of the poem. He was the spark that started the fire, which became poems, as we know them today, and changed the whole course of literary history.The poem "The Red Wheelbarrow" is a great example on how Williams only puts the necessities in his poems. Williams could have gone on for a very long time explaining what he is trying to say, but instead he

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602 words - 2 pages In the poems 'Stealing' and 'Mrs Tilcher's Class' Carol Ann Duffy tells us about life through different people's eyes . In both her poems she uses simple words and metaphors to express her views. Stealing shows us how boring life could be without friends. The observation here is that she motivates people against antisocial behavior. In 'Mrs Tilchers Class' Carol Ann Duffy illustrates the difference stages of life in a child.'Stealing' is a poem

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