Poetry Analysis Of The Two Texts "There's No Understanding What You Did" Which Is A Poem By Gabrielle Faure And The Lyrics To "Religious Love" By R. Kelly". The Issue Of Loss

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The two texts that I have analysed are "there's no understanding what you did" which is a poem by Gabrielle Faure and the lyrics to "Religious Love" by R. Kelly.The topic that we are studying is loss. These two texts are both about loss and the harm and suffering of losing someone very close but show very different views and emotions about the same topic.The poem by Gabrielle Faure tells the cause of death and expresses the aspects of tragedy, loss and the unanswered.While the song by R. Kelly shows the love he has for this special person and passion to be with her even though she is not alive. He describes it as 'religious love'. It does not tell of the cause of death as the poem does, it focuses mainly on the relationship between the two of them. Though R. Kelly still expresses her as if she were alive. He describes his love for her as still as strong as ever and will always continue he says "Every night I pray that someday I'll have you for my wife" The song shows a lot of desperation and hope as he does not want to let go of this special person and even though she is dead he still wants to marry her he suffers great loss with this situation which is why it is very relevant to the class topic. He uses a lot of techniques to help depict his thoughts and feelings. To emphasise the affection about the special person. the song uses hyperboles like "baby you are my life" and "every single breath I take I hope to see you there"repetition is also used to show the importance of the expression for example "every night I pray". Techniques of a song include rhyming, this particular song uses a lot of slant rhyme instead of perfect rhyme so it is only half rhyme and this is achieved by changing the sound of a word slightly to make it end up sounding like a couplet. The sadness the composer...

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