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Poetry And Stress Relief For Teens

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Stress ReliefThe I-search question I choose is How can Adolescents Experiencing Stress Due toFamily Problems be Prevented or Helped? This topic seemed like it would be a wonderfulsubject for myself to write and acquire knowledge about because I have experienced colossal problems with my own family. Not only do I feel that this is a great issue that will greatly coincide with my senior project (creating a collection of student artwork), but I feel it's a fantastic subject which everyone should know more about. One main purpose of my research on this subject is because hopefully I will be enlightened in some ways to teach myself how to relieve or reduce stress, that has been occurring in my everyday family life. I feel that all people should know more than one way to ease or prevent their stress. Through my research I have found plenty of useful and reliable tactics to relieving stress.Before starting this paper, the only thing I knew about stress was that everybody deals with some type of stress in their everyday lives, whether it be in work, school, or sports. However, in my case, I was personally dealing with stress in my family life; therefore, I decided to research how children dealing with a dysfunctional family can relieve or reduce the stress they are dealing with. When I began my research, I wanted to learn healthier and more beneficial ways in which I could alleviate the stress that was cause by my family's problems. By the end of my research journey, I found plenty of paths, which I could take to cut down on the stress that was on my shoulders.My search for information, started on one of the computers in the highschool's library. My main research method was utilizing my time in the library by searching the internet, EBSCOhost, and the books the library provided for me. With these three tools at hand, I found numerous sources which were extremely helpful in my quest for the answer to my question. A few sites that I found which addressed different sources of stress, and how parents can help their children through stressful times were,,, and One article from EBSCO, which helped me understand how creative art can help children dealing with family stress, was a story that was magnificently presently by Batina Stronach-Buschel. The story was about a five-year-old girl who was having problems with her very dysfunctional family. Her therapist found that practically the only way she could relate or truthfully get answers from her patient, Michelle, was by giving her clay, having her draw, and having her recreate her home-life through artistic models. After finding these sources and many more that would successfully contribute to my research, I moved on from the computers to the bookshelves.I found a few books in the library which helped me on my journey to answer my question. One of the few extremely helpful books was a book written by James Scala, Ph. D., entitled, 25 Ways to Manage Stress...

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