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Poetry Anthology Essay

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Dreams Dreams have fascinated every culture that has ever existed. Dreaming is a form of mental activity that is different from waking thought because it occurs during sleep. Dreams are more perpetual than conceptual: things seen and heard rather than regular thought. Visual experience is almost always present in all dreams, auditory experience in about forty-five percent of dreams, and there is very little touch, taste, smell or pain in dreams. A considerable amount of emotion is commonly present in dreams, usually a single stark emotion such as fear, anger, joy rather than modulated emotions that occur in a waking state. Most dreams are in the form of interrupted stories, made partly of childhood memories.Ancient cultures believed dreams were spiritual in origin, often foretelling the future. Aristotle believed that dreams "originated from within the dreamer, arising from the heart"(Stumpf 143). This is what the Anthology deals with, hope and aspirations. Modern dream research has focused on two general interpretations of dream content. In one view, dreams have no inherent meaning but are simply a process by which the brain integrates new information into memories. In the other view, dreams contain real meaning symbolized in a picture language that is distinct from conscious logical thought. At the beginning of the 20th century Sigmund Freud proposed that a mental process quite different from that used in the waking state "dominates the dreaming mind." He described this "˜primary process' as characterized by more primitive mechanisms, " by rapid shifts in energy and emotions, and a good deal of sexual and aggressive content derived from childhood" (Stumpf 210). In 1953, American sleep researchers Eugene Aserinsky and Nathanial Kleitman presented studies that showed that a dream doens not consist of fleeting imagery that occurs while a person awakens from sleep, but instead a dream takes place during a biological state of it's own. There are two states of sleep that exists: no-dream sleep (NREM-sleep) and dream sleep(REM-sleep) Studies show that a person has four to five periods of REM-sleep lasting about five to twenty minutes during the night at about ninety minute intervals that constitute twenty-five percent of the nights sleep in an adult; However as much as fifty percent of a young child's sleep in REM-sleep. The following poems pay close attention to the hopes and aspirations of children, because as Robert Weaver said, "Youth is Pleasure." Dream By Hilda Doolittle You don't even know What a dream is; How did it come? It didn't come, It was there.1 Hold Fast Your Dreams By Louise Driscoll Hold fast your dreams! Within your heart Keep one still, secret spot Where dreams may go, And sheltered so, May thrive and grow"" Where doubt and fear are not.Oh, keep a place apart Within you heart, For little dreams to go.2 He Had His Dream By Paul Laurence Dunbar He had his dream, and all through life, Worked up to it through toil and...

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