Poetry Comparison On Wordsworth's Lucy And Tennyson's Dark House, By Which Once More I Stand

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Poetry Comparison on Wordsworth's Lucy and Tennyson's Dark house, by which once more I stand

Wordsworth's and Tennyson's poems are both about someone who was close
to them and is now gone. However Tennyson uses the physical
surroundings to portray his emotions as well as his own reactions
whereas Wordsworth's poem is less specific and less obvious about his
feelings, focusing his attention on the lost person.

Tennyson's poem is more about himself, "I stand, my heart, Behold me,
for I cannot sleep, I creep". Because he describes his own actions,
the poem is very self absorbed and the reader doesn't get to know
about the person that is now gone. On the other hand, Wordsworth does
focus his attention on the lost person and in fact the whole poem is
about her: only at the end does he refer back to himself, "The
difference to me!"

Both poems use metaphors and produce vivid imagery. Wordsworth
describes Lucy throughout most of the poem whereas Tennyson is focused
on his own feelings and the description of the physical surroundings
is used to mirror these emotions. Here, Wordsworth is describing Lucy
and refers to her as being shy and unique as there were none to
compare her with; the violet being a symbol for a timid personality.

"A violet by a mossy stone

Half hidden by the eye!

Fair as a star, when only one

Is shining in the sky"

Tennyson by contrast doesn't resort to metaphors to describe his
friend. All Tennyson's descriptions are emotive, "Dark house, by which
once more I stand Here in the long unlovely street…And ghastly through
the drizzling rain On the bald street breaks the blank day." he sets
the depressing atmosphere and scenery to symbolise his feelings; the
dark house indicating how miserable he is, the unlovely street and the
rain are metaphors for his depressing and gloomy position. Instead of
describing his friend he explains the physical contact that he has now
lost with this person, "A hand that can be clasped no more".
Wordsworth on the other hand doesn't describe any physical contact
with Lucy.

Tennyson dwells a lot through out the poem on his emotions whereas
Wordsworth's feelings are less apparent. The only obvious mention of
Wordsworth's feelings is in the last line, "The difference to me!" he
states that because she is now gone, it has brought about a
significant change in his life which, gives a very vague idea of their
relationship. His emotions are subdued and as if he is keeping
something under the surface. Tennyson on the other hand shows
undoubtedly how focused he is on his own tensions and...

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