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Poetry Comparission: First Poem For You By Addonizio And Love And Friendship By Bronte

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Poetry Comparison
Comparison and Contrast is defined by Kennedy and Gioia, the authors of the poetry textbook, as, “A process that places two poems side by side and studies their differences and similarities in order to shed light on both works.” The poem “First Poem for You” was written by Kim Addonizio in 1994. The poem is definitely about love. Poetry is like a stain of feelings that last endlessly on paper, tattoos are pieces of art that last an eternity on the skin. In addition, the poem “Love and Friendship” was written by Emily Brontë in 1839. The theme is love and friendship. The poem is made of a brief analysis of how love and friendship differentiate. The following poems share the ...view middle of the document...

Another noticeable aspect of this poem is that there is no punctuation at the end of the sonnet. This could mean that the poem has no ending, but also leaves the readers feeling incomplete and seeking more.
On the other hand, the poem “Love and Friendship” by Emily Brontë uses simile, symbolism, rime scheme, imagery, and connotation. There are similes, in line 1-2, “Love is like the wild rose-briar; /Friendship like the holly-tree--“these similes are used to shed light on what each plant symbolizes. In addition there is symbolism, because when you imagine a rose you think of passion and love, but a rose could also indicate anger, blood, and uncertainty. Passion can be good at the moment but this poem draws out how passion can bring negativity into the relationship. On the other hand, the holly is described as green, indicating peace and nature. This is also a meaning of pleasantry to people. Friendship tends to be more lasting relationship than love in most situations, because there is not as much emotional confusion and difficulty. Unlike like love, true friends are there to catch each other when they fall. Moreover, it has a rime scheme such as abcb defe ghgh. The use of the...

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