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Poetry For The Forgotten Essay

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What is the point of life? Most would say it’s to survive; others say its finally finding “the one.” Others think more about not what is at the end of life, or the things you have accomplished. Moreover, it is the dreams that never happened that impact more people. Usually, it is the less-fortunate times that are easier to bring back to memory than the more benevolent ones. This is also shown in poetry because the author can more likely bring out feelings of hatred, regret, and sorrow. Questioning can also be a very distinct attribute in forms of poetry because the author is trying to involve you and make you think how you will respond. Langston Hughes makes this very same situation in ...view middle of the document...

Secondly, Dreams discusses what Hughes answer to Dreams Deferred on the first line of the second poem. As previously stated, personal opinions would argue that dreams are never neglected, only stored. However, Hughes approaches the topic from a different angle. He argues that “...When dreams go, life is a barren field, frozen with snow. (Page 621)” While some argue that dreams cannot be lost, he informs that they can be lost. When they are, life has no meaning. Once again, it seems like a sophomoric poem, yet there is depth at second sight.

Lastly, both of the selected poems deliver the same relative message: that dreams that are left unachieved will wither you away until you are left with nothing. Dreams Deferred speaks of imagery on what that said dream would physically represent, Dreams speaks more philosophically about life after the forgotten dream. You can see that they are similar topics when a) they both mention dreams in the first line, and b) when they speak of the lost dream altogether. “Or fester like a sore- and then run? (Page...

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