Poetry Is Worthwhile For Reading And Writting! This Was Submitted The 1st Of June, 2003.

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Poetry is the art of literature written to take us outside the square we live in; a walk back in time. This skill leads us on a journey into the poet's mind changing the reader's outlook on certain issues.Poetry can draw a clear picture using poetic techniques making it art in a text genre. "The Sea," by James Reeves describes the relation between a dog and the sea. In the creation of a vivid picture, the writer depicts an original inspirational idea based from his imagination. The poet uses a metaphor, "The sea is a hungry dog," adding colour. Symbolism is used in the poem, "Shaking his wet sides over the cliffs." This uplifts the power of poetry and makes it more intriguing, giving the created picture life. Poetry can awaken our senses. The writer is able to demonstrate Onomatopoeia, "Bones, bones, bones, bones!" This creates sound into the poem, fusing reality into this easily written art form. Adding meaning to the piece of art, the poet uses poetic adjectives, "hungry" dog. This technique allows thoughts to be creatively stated. This whole experience gives the writer a sense of creativity and the reader an elaborate picture inside their imagination.Reading poetry can take us back in time or drive us into some kind of scenario. In fact, there are no boundaries in poetry and that also goes for the writer. "The Man from Snowy River," by Banjo Paterson is a famous folk legend. Paterson's poem tells the story of a brave horse rider who rode his way down a steep hillside. This poem gives us piece of what it may have been like back in that time up in the high country. For instance it tells us "for the bushman love hard ridingwhere the wild bush horses are." Often there are...

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Wide Reading - why "the raging quiet" by sherry jordan is a worthwhile novel

922 words - 4 pages Raven. However, as their friendship grows, so do the suspicions of the townspeople, and when the people of the village witness Marnie using sign language to communicate with Raven, they believe it to be witchcraft, and she is sentenced to the ordeal of trial by hot iron. The story is full of hope and discovery in a time where anything that was not normal was deemed work of the devil.The main characters in this novel, Marnie and Raven, are perfect

"An Inspector Calls" is a play which was written by John Boynton Priestley in 1912, and it was set in the theatre on the 1st of October 1946.

946 words - 4 pages care about whatever the inspector wants, and she doesn't want to help much, because she knows that she doesn't have anything to do with this girl. She thinks that it was Eva's fault for using her name (Mrs Birling) and she should find the real father of the baby. She didn't want to take any responsibility about Eva.When the inspector begins to ask Mrs Birling the questions, she answered angrily. "Well, come along-what is it you want to know" this

Gillette Financial Analysis This assignment was intended to solicit a complete financial analysis of a publicly traded company in the U.S. for the fiscal year ending 2003.

1728 words - 7 pages ultra and Duracell copper and black, and the Braun division produces small household appliances and electric shavers. The oral care division consisting of Oral-B was the most profitable division in 2002(Profile, 2003). 58% of Gillette's sales are from foreign operations, and they employee approximately 31,500 people worldwide (Gillette, 2003). Below is an analysis of sales by business segment.20012000Blades and Razors3,4163,394Personal

This is an analysis of a public address. I chose the 2003 State of the Union address. It analyzes the setting for the speech and the verbal and non-verbal communication skills used in the address.

1096 words - 4 pages Republican view of things. This was the first time I ever really sat, watched and listened to the State of the Union address by any President. It was a very interesting experience for me. I enjoyed watching the President speak and looking for his non-verbal clues although there were not many to be found. I think he did a good job of trying to get the Nation back on a positive note after all the strife we have been through this year with the continuing fear of terrorist attacks and the concern of our countries military members fighting in the Middle East.Works CitedBusch, George W. "State of the Union address." Capital Hill, Washington D.C.28 January 2003.

"Carl Sandburg's Motif of Blood as a Symbol of Both Life and Death" (Title pretty much nails it.) Didn't get as good a grade on this one. Lost pts for 1st sentence. Five Pages. American Poetry.

1191 words - 5 pages Carl Sandburg's Motif of Blood as a Symbol of Both Life and DeathThe image of the color red is presented in at least 25 of the poems of this collection. In some instances, red is a symbol of passion and life, but in others it is offered as a symbol of suffering, death, and waste. Sandburg frequently presents this motif with the image of blood, especially in War Poems. The blood image also has a dual meaning for Sandburg. He uses it to represent

While some people find reading poetry challenging, others find it inspiring and enjoyable. What to you is the 'appeal' of poetry?

1313 words - 5 pages own.Poetry can be didactic, a teaching implement which at it's extreme is merely material that has been versified as an aid to memory, to make the learning process more pleasant. As children, we become familiar with this didactic poetry with rhymes such as,"Thirty days hath SeptemberApril, June and November..."Biblical verses are also a didactic form of poetry, teaching all about the truth of Christianity.Poetry can revitalise our minds, and with a

This is a speech directed to the audience of the 2003 Academy Awards arguing that feature films are made for money, rather than entertainment.

1058 words - 4 pages "Ladies and gentlemen, I come before you all tonight at the 2003 Los Angeles Academy Awards to tell you this: You're all a bunch of fakes. I think it's safe to say that there is not a sincere person among you- you're all living a lie. None of you are real people, you're all personas given birth to by agents and nurtured by the media. I doubt that in the sea of award winners and nominees that are assembled in front of me, that there is a single

This is a journal Article... I read the article and then made the paper.. Processing speeds of children in the 1st year of life....Psychology class.. w/ reference

573 words - 2 pages Journal Article Report:Processing Speed in the 1st Year of LifeBackgroundIn earlier studies it has been suggested that individual differences in processing speed hasits roots in infancy. Also in those studies it was suggested that preterm infants were significantlyslower with processing and memory skills than full-term infants. The study that was done in thispaper was to prove whether or not infants of preterm and full-term pregnancies had any

This is an anylazation of the poet rumi's styel and how his phrasing and other components of his writting affect the way that it is visualized in the eyes of the reader

1005 words - 4 pages you wish it, it will be so," sort of thing going on. This makes me think that Rumi is almost himself wishing for nothing as in no universe to be in his future.One thing I noticed when reading this over was the part about good and evil being mixed. If this were in fact, so then some of the things, which I interpreted before, would in fact be incorrect, because the apocalypse is an evil ideal. So then Rumi would not infect believe in the apocalypse

This essay is about the life of Charles Wright, a famous poet.He has recieve hands full of awards for his work and has wrote over 12 poetry books.

2302 words - 9 pages influence of Pound and The Cantos on him. Wright has also repeated personal narratives that offer inklings of his indebtedness to Pound, including an account of his first serious encounter with poetry. Wright often talks about when he was given a copy of Pound's selected poems when he was stationed in the army.There is no question about the crucial affect Pound's poetry had in the awakening of Charles Wright as a poet. For this, all of Wright's

Exploring Why Britain was Able to Continue to Hold Out Against Germany Between June 1940 and the End of 1943

2307 words - 9 pages Force, neither of which he had. Hitler showed this lack of preparation, when at the start of the Battle of the Atlantic, the Germans found themselves with only twenty U-boats available for ocean-going patrols. The U-boats were one of Germany’s greatest assets, and in the early years the allies suffered enormously from the carnage caused by them, this is shown by the way that U-boat destruction was given priority in January

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