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Poetry Of Robert Frost Essay

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Poetry of Robert Frost, one of the most famous poets in the American history, provided a whole new perspective from which to view the world. His poetry collection explores many different aspects of his writing. Though he was one of the finest poets in the American history, his works often were misinterpreted due to the figurative language used in his works. Most of Frost's successful poems were published after he moved to England. As a result many of his poems were based on a sense of New England's surroundings, use of nature and the speech of the country side; "Frost fills his eclogues with New England characters and tones of voices" (Barry, 1973). All of his poems seem to explain the nature of living American people and allow the reader to find his life situation mirrored in the readings. Even though his poems are for everyone and may appear easy or carefree on the surface, they are never old-fashioned and often offer deeper meaning."Mending Wall" is a poem in which Frost describes the status of relationships in the modern age. It may not seem to be a poem with much meaning but when readers take time to understand and listen to what the author has to say then they will discover the poem in a true sense. The author focuses on an inanimate object that separated two individuals even though it is nothing more then a stone wall in the middle of the field INCLUDEPICTURE "" \* MERGEFORMATINET "Something there is that doesn't love a wall/That sends the frozen-ground-swell under it" (line1-2). Some readers generally misinterpret this poem to be very silent and delicate; but it has a deep meaning in reality. It symbolizes grave regret over the relationships common in the modern world. The poem depicts the New England surroundings clearly as it revolves around a situation in a field where he has a dispute with his neighbor due to a small stonewall. Mending Wall depicts the plight of a neighbor trying to improve the relationships between them. Finally, the speaker suggests that the wall should not be there and slowly gives up on the hope of bringing the wall down. He believes that the wall separating people needs to be taken down. It is an illustration of problems in creating and maintaining good relationships between people of different race and background. The whole tone of the poem suggests the author believes that people should make more interactions with one another and not hide behind the stone wall because if we stopped hiding behind these small petty walls we would have more time to devote to better pursuits. In the poem "Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening" nature plays an important role for a background as the whole poem revolves around the dark woods in which Frost is traveling. Also this poem is not as simple in meaning as it may seem at the first glance. Due to uncommon structure of language used in the poem and the lack of information about the speaker and surroundings the interpretation of the...

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919 words - 4 pages greatest honor he received was on January 20, 1961. Frost was invited to read at the inauguration of President John F. Kennedy. He read "The Gift Outright". Two years later, in 1963, Frost was awarded the Bollingen Prize in Poetry, and on January 29 of that year, he died in Boston at the age of eighty-eight.This man has been one of the greatest poets of all time. His accomplishments as a child, adult, and through out career are those of greatness. Not many men have done what Robert Frost did during his lifetime. Perhaps the greatest poet of the modern era, Robert Frost has yet to be challenged by any other poet.

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1925 words - 8 pages Biography of Robert Frost Robert Frost is perhaps one of America's best poets of his generation. His vivid images of nature capture the minds of readers. His poems appear to be simple, but if you look into them there is a lot of insight. Robert Frost spoke at John F. Kennedy's inauguration. He is the only poet to have had the opportunity to speak at a presidential inauguration. Through his poetry people learn that Robert Frost is a

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924 words - 4 pages Marion Montgomery, “Robert Frost and His Use of Barriers: Man vs. Nature Toward God,” Englewood Cliffs, NJ; Prentice-Hall, Inc., 1962. Reprinted by permission of The South Atlantic Quarterly.      Robert Frost is considered by the casual reader to be a poet of nature like that of a Wordsworth. In a sense, his poetry is about nature, yet with strong underlying tones of the drama of man in nature. Frost himself stated

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2008 words - 9 pages where they were going to be taken care of by their grandparents. Neither Robert nor Jeanie was able to be raised by their mother due to the fact that she was teaching at a variety of schools throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire. He was one of the top students at Lawrence High School and graduated as the valedictorian along with Elinor White whom he married in 1895. Robert had always been interested in poetry and amazed by it, so he

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