Poetry Pairing: Fire And Ice Questions English 2 Assignment

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After reading “Fire and Ice,” answer the following questions.
1. Symbolism - What does fire represent? What does ice represent?
Fire represents desire and ice represents hatred.
2. Based on your answer for #1, what is this poem discussing? Be very specific.
The poem is talking about the end of the world, comparing the essential power of flame with the feeling of desire, and ice with hatred.
3. Prosody - What is the rhyme scheme of the poem? How does this help emphasize the contrasting ideas of the poem?
The rhyme scheme in this poem is ABABCDCD. The rhyme scheme helps to emphasize the contrasting the ideas by making them rhyme with what it symbolizes. Line 1 rhymes with Line 3 and its says “Some say the world will end in fire...From what I’ve tasted of desire.”
4. Shift - Between which two lines does the shift occur? Explain the shift and its purpose in the poem.
The shift occurs between 4 and 5. The shift is separating fire and ice. The purpose of the shift in the poem to separate why people think the world is going to end in fire and why people think the world is going to end in ice.
5. The poem in this pairing is a classic. Why do you think people still read it?
I believe that people still read this poem because they want to know how the world will end.
After reading “Is This the End?,” answer the following questions
6. Content - In your own words, what is each text saying?
POEM: It's talking about the actual ending of the world, but it's talking about the power that individuals have to hurt or "crush" each other.

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