Poetry Notes On How To Analyze Poetry And Analysis Of Famous Poems.

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English Poetry Notes3 Pillars of Poetry? Appreciation - process - enjoyment / interest (provocative - interest & evocative - emotion)? Analysis - process? Interpretation (changing) - productThemes = tone (author's attitude to subject)Process (learn) vs. Product (mark)Snake (10)? Judge others by what you learnLet's not be unjust upon others? Can't do something until it has its back turned? TemptationWe know something is wrong, but we still do itCan't break the cycleTo a Fat Lady seen from a train (13)? Reflection: isolation & aloneLonelyJudgemental? Trundling through lifeMaybe you aren't the conductor?? Passing by life with tunnel vision? Shielded?The road not taken (21)? SeasonsSpring = birth & rebirthSummer = youth & adultAutumn = middle-age / retirementWinter = death? Extended metaphor: fork in the road? Make a decisionYou will never come back and re make the decisionDon't over think, you'll make manyOzymandias (25)? 3 speakers: writer (inn/bar in italy / swiss), story teller, ozymandias? S-sounds = desert wind? Hand = sculptor (synecdoche)? End of poem = pulls out of imageCacophony & euphemism? Emphasis = 2 syllable & 1 syllable (causes anticipation)? Tyrant (cold command)Sarcasm & ironySneeringTime & nature? Aprocal image (anything can happen) - arrogance? Warning to egoDover beach (130)? Wedding NightThe world is empty? We need something to fill the vacuum? (love...?) we are naked (nothing) without faith? English Beach? Life / Humans = a tideWe can only see the ebb? Bad things (the decline.. when it goes away)? But one day it will come backA valediction: forbidding mourning (164)? True love / Better LoveAlways connected? Might drift away (compass), but you will...

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Some people think that "soft sentiments" and "romantic words" are essential ingredients in love poetry. How do three or four poems show different approaches to writing about love?

2406 words - 10 pages Plan of EssayPoems to include are The Beggar Women, Our Love Now, and To His Coy Mistress.Demure = to Coy = to Shy = To His Coy Mistress.Banal = Common place = conventional = stereotypical = clichéHow is equal to the language used by the poet.Different kinds of love include:Two poems are similar that they both in love in the cliché way or have been in love in this way the poems involved include To His Coy Mistress and Our Love

POEMS OF THE 1930s- MODERN POETRY The Pylons, The Express, Slough and The Wiper

652 words - 3 pages poems seem to be deeply influenced by the changes going on around them and it is clear that this modernization of the industry affected the arts. Generally the modernization is well accepted, using these four poems as a source, and it seems fascinating for the poets that this modern things are finally becoming part of their everyday life, its actually amusing to read these poems today and see how deep a reaction something as simple as a train caused on the people of the time.

Pre 1900 Love Poetry- a comparison of 8 different poems.

1297 words - 5 pages Studying Pre-1900 love poetry was not as boring as I thought it would be, considering the origin of the poems. In fact they were very fascinating to read and to study. My image of love poems differed heavily: I expected something utterly romantic and filled with exaggerated promises. However, after reading them, I now know that love is not only about compliments and red roses, but also about complaints and prickles. The more I studied them, them

"Neither a believer, an unbeliever nor agnostic, but oddly all three at once", with reference to two or three poems, consider how this aspect of Stevie Smith is reflected in her poetry.

816 words - 3 pages "…a moral and adorn a tale" in order to believe in the existence of God. Her focus is more on the illusions that man-kind creates of God and the creation of humans more than anything else. There is a definite bitterness towards humanity and it is more a loss of faith in humans rather than God. Also, one must consider how poetry is the most personal form of literature and Smith often wrote poetry in order to soothe her during times of depression, therefore, the beliefs and thoughts in the poems vary and are reflections of her emotions at the moment the poem was written.

This essay is about the life of Charles Wright, a famous poet.He has recieve hands full of awards for his work and has wrote over 12 poetry books.

2302 words - 9 pages came to his senses, as he puts it, with the discovery of his poetic skill, Wright continues this ritual of reporting on the world around him." What do I wan t my poems to do?I want them to sing and to tell the story of my life." -Charles WrightCharles Wright was born in Pickwick Dam, Tennessee, in 1935 and was educated at Davison College and the University of Iowa in the 1950's. In 1965 his first poetry book Six Poems and then following that he

Poetry Is Often Used As A Form of Cultural Protest. How Do The Poets In "Nothing's Changed" And 'Charlotte O'neals Song' use their poems as a form of protest?

1951 words - 8 pages This essay aims to give an insight into how the poets in c And 'Charlotte O'neals Song' use their poems as a form of protest. I will be looking deep into the obvious and not so obvious ideas and themes; throughout both of the poems and hopefully shedding some light on the subject.The poems where written in two different times by two different people. Tatamkhulu Afrika was born in Egypt in 1920 and lived in South Africa. He wrote 'Nothing's

Poetry as organised violence, committed upon ordinary speech: Different Poems

1226 words - 5 pages This essay intends to respond to the statement "Poetry is a form of organised violence committed upon ordinary speech” through the use of poetry by William Carlos Williams, Ezra Pound and E.E.Cummings. Using the poems ‘The Red Wheelbarrow’ and the untitled poem ‘poem’ (Williams), ‘In a Station of the Metro’ (Pound) and the untitled poem ‘Poem, or Beauty hurts Mr. Vinal’ (Cummings), this essay will attempt to show that different styles and

"Romantic Poetry is essentially a reading in history." Discuss in 1500 words with reference to any two poems by the Romantic poets, Wordsworth, Shelley and Blake.

2022 words - 8 pages history. The history of Romanticism in British writing is often written as the history of responses and counter-responses to the French Revolution.Seeing Romantic writing as writing in history allows us to take account of how it takes part in the events and responds to the pressures of the turbulent period in which it was written. To illustrate such idea, I've selected two poems for the two most radical Romantic poets: Blake from the first

Notes on "THE VOICE" by "THOMAS HARDY". A poem which is used in AS literature: poetry section

1106 words - 4 pages Hardy was an old man of 72 when he wrote this poem recalling the early days of his first marriage, which was a happy time for him and his wife, Emma. Her death provided him with material of the deepest personal significance and the "Poems of 1912-13", from which this work came, are his most personal utterance and most typical poems - often touching, as they do, on the inexorability of time and the meaning and inevitability of suffering. His

Influence of Personal Experience in Emily Dickinson's poetry- literary criticism. Includes excerpts of some of her poems

2245 words - 9 pages prepareFor Those who worship Them -It is too difficult a Grace -To justify the Dream - (Sewall 355)On several occasions, Emily went as far as calling herself a pagan. The bitterness with which the comment was made may have been aroused by the same feeling as in the line "Of Course - I Prayed - / And did God Care?" of one of her poems. Unable to accept Heaven, she was left only with this brief world, which, without Heaven, seemed somewhat of a

"Larkin's poetry suggests that many people's lives are disappointing." Discuss this statement with reference to at least 3 poems. Your essay should include reference to poetic technique.

1176 words - 5 pages shows that there's always hope around the corner no matter what the circumstance.Although some of Larkin's poems, for example as mentioned above, 'first sight,' do not show a disappointing side to life, most of his poems do. They focus on the pessimistic downside of life and the drawbacks it has. Although 'first sight' is a more optimistic poem, it still mentions the downside to the lambs' lives, 'width of cold'. Personally I feel that Larkin's poetry does suggest that people's lives are disappointing, however, I feel that his poems are more true to life than merely just cynical.

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Notes On Emily Dickinson's Poetry Essay

781 words - 3 pages inwardness is her brilliant, diamond-hard language. Dickinson often writes aphoristically, meaning that she compresses a great deal of meaning into a very small number of words. This can make her poems hard to understand on a first reading, but when their meaning does unveil itself, it often explodes in the mind all at once, and lines that seemed baffling can become intensely and unforgettably clear. Other poems--many of her most famous, in fact--are

In John Donne's Poetry, The Craft Of Poetry, Sex And Religion Are Intertwined. Discuss With Reference To Three Of Donne's Poems.

2290 words - 9 pages or themes in Donne's writing, we will consider three of his poems or sonnets, The Flea, Holy Sonnet VII and Holy Sonnet XIV and shall also consider the conceit that Donne regularly includes in his work.In Donne's Poem The Flea, the speaker is attempting to justify to a woman why she should acquiesce to sexual intercourse with him. The flea, which has sucked on the blood of both parties, has within it "two bloods mingled" and in this we can read

A Comparison And Contrast Between The Two Poems, Poetry And Modern Poetry

1215 words - 5 pages it has to be unique to the people writing it. Stevens talks about how it has to be of the mind or it have to be living and changing. Poetry will never be one thing. It is about seeing the world around them and putting the vision into words. The words are meant to describe and analyze the world. “It is reassuring to write about poetry that can dissolve the many doubts of our modern world. When the soul wonders if this planet is worth the trouble

Study Notes On Cavalier Poetry And Cavalier Poets: Herrick, Carew, Lovelace

717 words - 3 pages poem is addressed as an argument usually trying to induce them to exercise their sexuality ("Had we but world enough, and time, this coyness, lady, were no crime", see Andrew Marvell, To His Coy Mistress; "").Although their poetry was not that innovative and original, the cavaliers made one great contribution to the English poetry: they introduced the possibility of writing poems about the minor pleasures and troubles of life. They treated the